Welcome to Answers Worldwide!


Welcome to the Answers WorldWide blog. Thank you for being one of our first blog-readers.

Each week this blog will carry information about Answers WorldWide and mission-information in general. You will find each blog to be challenging and encouraging with many items to pray about. I really look forward to communicating with you in this way.

Answers WorldWide New Website

The blog you are reading is part of the brand new Answers WorldWide website. This site will complement the Answers in Genesis website with items such as the following:

  • Translations—Translated sites in 12 different languages with several more to be added this year, and a total of 20 languages available via the web
  • Trips—Mission trips by both Dr. and Mrs. Crandall as well as other AiG personnel
  • Schedule—the schedule for the director of Answers WorldWide
  • Pictures—From Dr. Crandall’s trips around the world

Past WorldWide News


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