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I was so excited last week when the Answers for Women website went live. Our web team always has a tremendous amount of work to do, and this was one more thing that was added to their priorities several weeks ago. As usual, they did a very high quality job, just in time to coincide with the presentations I gave to women at the Defending the Faith conference.

This website is still in its infancy, but look for more information to be added on a regular basis. I encourage you to read through the Passion Statement and consider hosting an Answers for Women conference at your church next winter or spring.  I very much have a passion to see women equipped so they can educate others—especially their children. Ken’s recent blog on curriculum that was available at a homeschool conference where he spoke was very eye-opening. No matter how you choose to educate your child, it is vital that you ground them in the truth of God’s Word.

I encourage you to check out the Answers for Women website and let me know what you think (you can comment on my Facebook page). I hope to give more details soon on a webinar we will be hosting in October. Two times each day, the webinar will broadcast with a live chat with me after the webinar.

On a side note, my cochlear implant has been working out great. I’m absolutely amazed at the things I can hear! I can have conversations with people in a noisy environment and actually understand what they are saying. Thanks for all your prayers.

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