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One of my main focuses over the years of doing apologetics ministry in Canada (and around the world) is the emphasis on raising up the next generation of well-equipped young people who will love the Lord with all of their heart, strength, soul, and MIND!

Because of the tremendous fall-out among young people from Christian homes (approximately 70% abandon the faith of their parents by age 18), Answers in Genesis has always prioritized having an amazing array of resources available specifically for youth as well as in-depth curriculum for churches and parents to implement to equip their children as well.

Apologetics Boot Camps for Youth

For those parents interested in further reinforcing the truth of God’s word for their teens, Answers in Genesis Canada is hosting week-long, apologetics and gospel-focused equipping camps on an annual basis. These week-long training events not only prepare youth (ages 14-18) to defend their faith by learning answers to the toughest challenges brought against the Christian faith but also develop critical thinking skills grounded in biblical authority so that they can apply God’s Word in all areas of their lives.

We have been spearheading these types of camps for years now and the fruit from the events have been truly encouraging. Here is a testimony we received from an ABC attendee last year:

“This whole week has been one of the most significant weeks of my life & really has just changed me. Until this week, I never really realized how important as a Christian it is to be able to know what you believe so that you can be able to affectively witness to people about your faith. I am so amazed at how God led me to go to this camp at this time in my life because I was really struggling with believing everything that the Bible says & taking God for what He says He is & many other questions. It really hit me when you said that if we as Christians can trust God with our soul, we can certainly trust His Word! There are so many things that I have taken home with me that I want to remember & apply in my life and I wrote many notes.

Over the week, God has really been working in my heart & has made me realize how I need to be going out & sharing the Gospel with others and that it isn’t an option for Christians. I have been given the tools to share the Gospel and want to continue to grow in knowledge and share and defend my faith.

I overall all had such an amazing week with so much fun! It was so awesome getting to know everyone who came & just hanging out & having fun during the meals and during games. I am going to tell my youth group about this & am going to get as many people from my youth group to come next year because they really will be blessed in coming.

Thank you so much again for doing this camp, Calvin. It has blessed me so much & given me the tools & desire to evangelize. I know God has and will continued to bless you for having this ministry.”- Angela S.

Wow! As an Answers in Genesis supporter, I hope that what Angela shared resonates with you! So much so that we would ask you to help us promote this year’s camp by sharing this with others and consider helping a young person you know attend this life-changing event!

(If you have time, you can also listen to this this video testimony from one of our Mentors last year [who attended camps in the past as a student] who is now studying at Brock University to be a medical doctor. This young man sits under evolutionary indoctrination every week and yet has been equipped to recognize the fallacies of the materialistic worldview he is presented with alongside the real scientific information he needs to know. He is also a passionate evangelist and frequently shares the Gospel with his fellow students, which is ultimately the whole purpose of the Answers in Genesis ministry!)

Please pray!

We also ask you to pray for the attendees and the Mentors and other staff that our Lord will multiply our efforts and use the event to grow His kingdom in Canada in a powerful way!

Please share!

We will hold three Answers Boot Camps this summer, and we have a group of great speakers including Calvin Smith, Avery Foley, and Cory McKenna.

Camp is for ages 14-18 and the cost varies regionally (see links below). Please contact Tina Henwood to register by calling 855-513-0225 or emailing [email protected]

Here are links with all the details about this year’s Answers Boot Camps for Youth and how to register!

Please share with everyone you know so we can equip the next generation for Christ!

Calvin Smith
Executive Director/Speaker
Answers in Genesis CA

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