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The cooler weather may be well on the way but it’s summertime around AiG because we’re deep in VBS preparation for summer of 2022. We can’t wait for churches across the US to use Zoomerang: Returning to the Value of Life, our pro-life, Australian-themed VBS program. And you can get in on the excitement by preordering your Super Starter or Starter Kit, along with fun VBS extras because the entire Zoomerang collection is now available for preorder.

When you preorder, not only do you enjoy a jump on planning for next summer, a 25% discount (with coupon code VBS22B at checkout), and peace of mind because you can check ordering VBS off your to-do list, but you will also enjoy early access to the guides! After you order your Starter or Super Starter kit, you’ll receive an email with a code to access your guides through the myAnswers portal. Then, log on to, set up an event (for free!), and access the library for your guides. Order your kit today to begin exploring the guides, crafts, games, science experiments, snacks, and more.

Preorder from the entire Zoomerang collection today at

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