Ministering in Uncertain Times

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We are with you in the uncertainty of what COVID-19 means for this summer and our VBS programs. None of us can predict the future, but we are thankful we serve a God who knows and in whose sovereignty we can rest. As we wait on him, however, we still need to continue planning our kids’ ministries, especially during times like these.

There are several options that you may be considering through at this point while we deal with stay-at-home orders:

  • If you have a VBS in early summer (or even later in the summer), you may be contemplating cancelling your Mystery Island program and waiting to host it next year. A 20% discount is available on VBS supplies through April 30, 2020, using the code VBS20PO if you’re able to stock up now. We understand, however, that many churches are facing financial difficulties. And we will be supporting Mystery Island for next summer.
  • You can host Mystery Island virtually. (Actually, because the content of Mystery Island is so relevant to what our kids are going through right now, you may want to host a virtual Mystery Island this year and an in-person Mystery Island next year.) For a virtual Mystery Island, please see the following notes that apply through August 31, 2020, as long as you are not reselling anything or sharing with other churches that haven’t purchased the resources.
    • Our Digital Pro platform makes it easy to share the leader guides with your volunteers and the patterns and coloring sheets with your students.
    • You may share the images that are found on the Digital Resources (DVD-ROM) on your own social media channels and via online meeting platforms with your own church for teaching and advertising purposes.
    • You may share the student handouts (patterns and coloring sheets found on the Digital Resources/DVD-ROM) via email or other file-sharing platforms with your students.
    • You may also share the contemporary theme song videos from our social media channels: Facebook and YouTube. For YouTube videos, please send links rather than posting to your own channel as YouTube flags videos that use copyrighted music.
    • Please use these guidelines for the contemporary memory verse songs produced by Seeds Family Worship and the traditional songs produced by Majesty Music.
    • If you have purchased printed student guides and other student items that you would like the students to have this year, you may want to put together packets for each student and either mail them to families or deliver them to students (while following your local quarantine orders).
    • If you have purchased the drama (either on DVD or via download), you may share that online with your students.
    • You may share instructional videos of your teachers and other leaders using the material.
  • You may want to save Mystery Island for next summer. To help with this, we will be releasing an easy version of one of our fun previous VBS programs, IncrediWorld: A Thrill Ride Through God’s Creation. This will be available for download through our website. You may want to have your leaders record videos featuring the simple snacks, games, crafts, and lessons for your families to do at home, or you could simply pass on the ideas to your families for their own enjoyment. More info about this option is coming soon!

Prayerfully ask the Lord how he wants you to minister to your kids during these uncertain times. And let us know how we can come alongside and help you.

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