London Olympics Ministry 2012, Day Four, Sunday

on August 6, 2012

The Lord's Day in London included a trip to the west side of London (near the Olympic Park) to join the Homerton Baptist Church for a typical English worship service. The pastor and people of the congregation were so thrilled that we joined them.

Following our lunch time, the team walked to local areas to begin our ministry of gospel distribution. Many team members reported some great contacts, and in our first two hours of ministry one person made a profession of faith.

The team was undaunted by the occasional, typical English rain showers. The Londoners were very excited about the number of medals Great Britain had won on Sunday and gave us all an excellent opening for conversations.

Here are some photos from Sunday:

Homerton Baptist Church

Our team packed out Homerton Baptist.

Eating lunch and having tea after church

Emma Waltz and James Schultz

A group praying before heading out on the streets

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