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    A Troubled Spirit
    Jan. 1, 2010

    Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity of speaking at West Virginia University in Parkersburg, WV. The student Bible club invited me to give a presentation

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    A Busy Year
    Dec. 7, 2009

    This year (2009) has been my busiest year yet. Over the last eleven months I have had the opportunity of speaking all over the United States—to churches both

  • Darwin’s Sad Legacy (April)
    April 14, 2009 from Answers Update

    After rejecting the true history of the world, Charles Darwin was never able to reconcile the existence of death, disease, and struggle with the character of a loving God.

  • Darwin’s Sacred Cause?
    April 7, 2009

    A recent book claims that Darwin’s hatred of slavery was foundational to his pursuit of his concepts of evolution. But what do Darwin’s words actually show?

  • The Debate over Stem Cells
    March 11, 2009

    With federal funding for embryonic stem cell research, this ethical debate is set to escalate. But what important facts keep getting overlooked?

  • Why Would an Evolutionist Become a Doctor?
    July 21, 2008

    Many evolutionists have claimed that no one can deny evolution and be a good doctor. Tommy Mitchell, MD, wonders why a consistent evolutionist would even want to practice medicine.

  • “Bodies . . . the Exhibition”
    July 14, 2008

    Dr. Tommy Mitchell, AiG–U.S., recently took his family to see “Bodes . . . the Exhibition.” Find out his medical—and biblical—opinion.

  • Answers International Medical Outreach
    July 3, 2008

    Answers in Genesis is excited to announce a new missions opportunity, called Answers International Medical Outreach.

  • In-Depth Article
    Much Ado About Moths
    April 23, 2008 from Answers in Depth

    This is the fascinating story about how, due to a combination of environmental changes and selective predation, a moth turned into, well, a moth.

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  • Feedback Article
    From Old to Young
    Jan. 4, 2008 from Feedback

    Are there scientists who have converted from the old-earth view? Dr. Tommy Mitchell shows us one who has.

  • Feedback Article
    Noah, a Global Flood, and the Case Against Racism
    June 22, 2007 from Feedback

    Dr. Tommy Mitchell and Bodie Hodge show how the Bible teaches that we are all descended from Adam and that “racism” is based on a false assumptions.

  • Something Fishy About Gill Slits!
    March 14, 2007

    A National Geographic photo-essay showing the diversity of ocean-dwelling worms resurrected a piece of scientific misinformation that should have died long ago.

  • Feedback Article
    Is Natural Selection “the Devil’s Device”?
    March 9, 2007 from Feedback

    "We recently received this email from a gentleman who had a question about a comment one of our speakers made during a television interview..."

  • DNA’s Sweet Secret: Its Sculptor!
    Feb. 28, 2007

    The Vanderbilt University Medical Center Reporter reported on findings on the origin of DNA, which in essence is a search for the origin of life.

  • Amniotic Stem Cells—A New Era?
    Jan. 10, 2007

    Knowledge that these cells have the ability to transform into so many tissue types is welcome. The promise, if fulfilled, that this technology would be available without the destruction of human life is priceless.

  • Two Very Different Looks at the Role of Evolution in Medicine
    June 20, 2006

    Well-known NBC-TV reporter Robert Bazell suggests that the evolution debate adds little to the education of physicians. He also ridicules those who are proponents of intelligent design and creation.

  • Tennessee Again in the Creation/Evolution Spotlight 80 years After Scopes
    Dec. 6, 2005

    Tennessean published an article criticizing US Senator (and medical doctor) Dr. Bill Frist (the US Senate Majority Leader) for his support of the teaching of intelligent design in public schools.

  • Evolution and Medicine
    Nov. 22, 2005

    Not one example can be put forth of the need for evolution (or belief in its tenets) in order to practice modern medicine.

  • A Doctor’s ‘House Calls’ That Changed His Life
    Oct. 17, 2005

    Answers in Genesis-USA outreach team travels to Ocean Springs in southern Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina.

  • Magazine Article
    Darwin’s Black Box
    March 1, 1997, pp. 29–30

    Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution by Michael J. Behe is a fascinating book which deals with the question of the origin of complex biochemical systems.


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