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    An Introduction
    Dec. 22, 2011 from Old-Earth Creationism on Trial

    With the resurgence of young-earth creationism in recent decades, the debate over the age of the earth and the proper hermeneutical approach to Genesis has intensified within evangelical circles.

  • Feedback Article
    Timeline Twisting Texts
    Dec. 16, 2011 from Feedback

    Bodie Hodge and Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., respond to a reader who believes we have twisted biblical texts in support of our Christmas timeline.

  • Book Chapter
    Dec. 15, 2011 from Old-Earth Creationism on Trial

    Young-earth creationists and old-earth creationists have been debating their respective positions for two centuries.

  • Book Chapter
    Recommended Reading for Further Research
    Dec. 15, 2011 from Old-Earth Creationism on Trial

    Recommended reading on astronomy, geology, apologetics, and more.

  • Feedback Article
    Do You Believe in Santa Claus? Read Carefully.
    Dec. 9, 2011 from Feedback

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., responds to a reader who compared our belief in the accuracy and authority of the Bible to believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

  • Book Chapter
    When Was the Temple Veil Torn in Two?

    Matthew and Mark state that the temple veil ripped right after Jesus died, but Luke states that it happened before the Lord’s death.

  • Devotional
    Thank You
    Oct. 10, 2011

    Jeremy Ham and Tim Chaffey, AiG–US, thank our devotional readers for their support and encouragement.

  • Feedback Article
    The Trinity—A Non-negotiable Doctrine
    Oct. 7, 2011 from Feedback

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explains why the Trinity is such an essential biblical doctrine.

  • Devotional
    Amazing Grace
    Oct. 5, 2011

    John Newton captured a simple yet profound truth in this incredible hymn. Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explains that we can only be saved by God’s grace.

  • Devotional
    Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
    Sept. 26, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., encourages Christians to think about the Resurrection every day and to rejoice over what God has done for us by raising His Son.

  • Devotional
    It Is Well with My Soul
    Sept. 22, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., provides the gripping background story for this inspiring hymn of comfort.

  • Devotional
    Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
    Sept. 21, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explains what Neanderthal man has to do with a beloved hymn.

  • Devotional
    Holy, Holy, Holy
    Sept. 19, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., introduces our devotional series on hymns of praise, and discusses the holiness of God, an oft-repeated theme in Scripture.

  • Devotional
    Why Should I Share My Testimony?
    Sept. 15, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., surveys Paul’s use of his conversion testimony in proclaiming the gospel.

  • Devotional
    What Was the Content of Paul’s Teaching?
    Sept. 13, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., looks at the example of the Apostle Paul and explains that Christians are expected to mature in their understanding of Scripture.

  • Feedback Article
    Gently Confronting Grandfather
    Sept. 9, 2011 from Feedback

    While we do not harshly criticize those who are in error, we are told to warn or advise them. Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., writes about gently confronting our fellow believers.

  • Book Chapter
    Generational Gaffe?

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explains why 1 Samuel 9:1 states that Kish (Saul’s father) was the son of Abiel, but 1 Chronicles states that Kish was the son of Ner.

  • Devotional
    Should We Suffer for the Gospel?
    Sept. 6, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explains why Christians should expect to be persecuted for the sake of the gospel and how to respond appropriately.

  • Devotional
    What Is the Great Commission?
    Aug. 29, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., opens a new devotional series on the book of Acts by looking at an often-overlooked aspect of the Great Commission.

  • Feedback Article
    The Temple Cleansing
    Aug. 26, 2011 from Feedback

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explains why John’s account of the temple cleansing must necessarily have been a different event from the one found in the Synoptic Gospels.

  • Feedback Article
    Should I Disown My Daughter?
    Aug. 19, 2011 from Feedback

    When children reject God, it can be a terrible burden to Christian parents. How does the Bible instruct us react to such sensitive issues?

  • Book Chapter
    When Did Jesus Cleanse the Temple?

    John states that Jesus cleansed the temple early in His ministry, but the other Gospels place the temple-cleansing near the end of His ministry. Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S. explains these accounts.

  • Feedback Article
    The Ark of the Covenant
    Aug. 12, 2011 from Feedback

    Will the Ark of the Covenant be in heaven, and is it still in existence today? Troy Lacey and Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., explain.

  • Devotional
    Are You Following Heresies?
    July 29, 2011

    Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., defines the work of the flesh known as “heresy” and explains how to avoid falling for these false teachings.


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