Latest Articles by Stacia McKeever

  • After Eden Turns 100!
    Jan. 28, 2002

    For over two years, visitors to have enjoyed a laugh (and received biblically sound teaching) on Mondays when a new After Eden debuts.

  • So You Want to Be a “Creation Scientist”
    Jan. 24, 2002

    AiG receives numerous requests from students wanting to know how they can train to be “creation scientists.” We usually offer the following guidelines to these enquiring minds:

  • So, You’re Looking for a College . . .
    Jan. 4, 2002

    Whichever school and desired field of study you choose, keep in mind that the facts (or “evidence”) you hear about do not speak for themselves.

  • Chemistry Teacher Resigns Amid Persecution
    Sept. 18, 2001

    Jefferson High School (in Indiana, USA) has a penchant for making the news.

  • AiG Now Ministers to Millions in the Far East!
    Sept. 10, 2001

    Answers in Genesis had been searching for some way to minister to the over one billion people who speak Chinese.

  • Limiting Exposure
    July 23, 2001

    Science standards for Pennsylvania schools that have been three years in the works were finally approved by the state Board of Education on 13 July, 2001, but not before generating much controversy.

  • AiG Staff and Books Work “Off the Clock”
    July 7, 2001

    Working at Answers in Genesis provides our staff with many opportunities for sharing the truth of God’s Word — both on the job and ‘off the clock.’

  • When Does “Day” Mean “Day”?
    June 25, 2001

    Many people continue to question our all-knowing God when He says He created in six normal-length days and rested on the seventh.

  • More than Just Bible Stories
    Feb. 26, 2001

    In many church settings, Bible stories are taught as just that—stories, nice accounts that, although they may have a moral message, have no real bearing on the world around us.

  • “Does God Exist?”
    Feb. 13, 2001

    Whether by email, regular mail, phone call, or speaking engagement, there are several questions Answers in Genesis can predict will be asked at some point.

  • Magazine Article
    The Slippery Slide to Unbelief
    June 1, 2000, pp. 8–13

    If we re-interpret God’s Word in Genesis to fit man’s fallible opinion, it would be consistent to apply this hermeneutic elsewhere—even Christ’s Resurrection.


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