Sarah Mally

Sarah Mally

Author, Founder of Bright Lights

Sarah is the founder of Bright Lights, a discipleship ministry designed to equip young ladies to use the years of their youth fully for Christ. This ministry started as a girls’ Bible study in her living room in 1996 when Sarah was 17. As the ministry grew, Sarah began to train and equip other ladies to disciple younger girls. As of 2019, about 750 Bright Lights groups have started in 47 states and 18 countries. Bright Lights hosts conferences for mothers and daughters, trains leaders of Bright Lights groups, and provides discipleship material for young ladies.

Sarah is the author of Before You Meet Prince Charming and the coauthor (with her siblings) of Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. Sarah’s latest book, Speak Truth in Your Heart, challenges girls to identify the lies that are the root issues behind the struggles they face and to replace them with the truth of God’s Word.

Sarah lives in Marion, Iowa, and attends Cedar Rapids Bible Chapel. For more information about her ministry, see


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