Latest Articles by Mike Matthews

  • Proposed New Science Standards: Where’s the E-Word?
    Jan. 31, 2004

    AiG believes that all students, whether studying at home, private school or secular government schools, should learn the details about evolution. We simply argue that they should get the whole truth.

  • How to Stop Abortion
    Jan. 22, 2004

    The anniversary of Roe v. Wade is a troubling reminder that abortion is still legal in America.

  • Geologists in an Uproar
    Jan. 6, 2004

    What provoked the presidents of seven geological societies to write a letter of protest to the superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park?

  • Mars Landing—Success or Failure?
    Jan. 3, 2004

    Missions to the surface of Mars have been plagued with problems.

  • 99 and Still Fighting God
    Dec. 8, 2003

    Ernst Mayr, once called ‘the world’s greatest living evolutionary biologist,’ has lost little of his fire. His comments are instructive for Christians concerned about the battle for biblical authority

  • Magazine Article
    The Amazing Cave People of Malta
    Dec. 1, 2003, pp. 40–43

    ‘Do you believe in cavemen?’ Sceptics think ‘gotcha!’ when they ask this question. They might know the Bible says that Adam’s descendants built great cities, but their ‘evidence’ shows otherwise.

  • A Century of Fraud
    Nov. 18, 2003

    Later this week, BBC–TV will run a documentary on the Piltdown apeman, ‘the greatest hoax of the 20th century.’

  • Another Vote for Evolution
    Nov. 8, 2003

    Across America and the rest of the world, evolution is solidifying its position in the halls and classrooms of government schools.

  • Mozart—Made in a Rat’s Image?
    Nov. 4, 2003

    It’s amazing how many assumptions lie behind evolutionists’ efforts to reconstruct the past based on skimpy evidence that exists only in the present.

  • Don’t Mess with Texas!
    Sept. 30, 2003

    In spite of efforts to prevent outsiders from telling the Texas Board of Education how to teach biology and evolution, the finger of outsiders was evident throughout the hearing proceedings.

  • Creationism Taking over UK Schools?
    Sept. 23, 2003

    Are creationist barbarians storming the gates of the United Kingdom? The BBC would like you to think so, but the real story is not so dramatic.

  • Reforming the Church, One Pastor at a Time
    Sept. 15, 2003

    Before AiG holds a major regional conference, we hold a Christian Leaders Meeting (CLM) to share our burden with local pastors, and many pastors are beginning to catch the vision!

  • Too Little, Too Late, Too Old, Too Ill-Trained, Too . . .
    Aug. 26, 2003

    Excuse-making. It’s a terrible “disease.” But Louise E., who is nearing her 90th birthday, isn’t making excuses.

  • Hairless Hokum
    Aug. 25, 2003

    The origin of clothes is only a mystery if one rejects the written record of God’s Word.

  • Remove God from the Grand Canyon?
    July 28, 2003

    For over thirty years, three bronze plaques at Grand Canyon have displayed brief quotes from the Psalms. However, last week US Park Service officials decided that the plaques had to go.

  • Prof Makes a Stand for Creation
    July 14, 2003

    Dr Don DeYoung, professor of physics at Grace College, is featured in the spring issue of Grace Magazine for ‘raising the bar’ at his college campus—and worldwide.

  • “Amazing” Conversions
    July 8, 2003

    Sheila Richardson’s love for God’s Word is infectious. After hearing her story, it’s easy to see why she’s so excited about her role in writing the Genesis 1 & 2 curriculum for Precept Ministries

  • Take a ‘Mission Trip to the World’
    June 30, 2003

    AiG has a unique opportunity to reach people from all over the world at one time—and we’d like you to join us! How is this possible?

  • Pastor Openly Rejects the Creator
    June 20, 2003

    The Lutheran Church in Denmark is not sure what to do with a pastor who has gone public with his atheism.

  • Walking with Cavemen—Fact or Fiction?
    June 17, 2003

    Building on the popularity of walking with Dinosaurs (1999) and Walking with Beasts (2001), BBC and Discovery Channel have co-produced yet another evolutionary propaganda piece—Walking with Cavemen.

  • “Gravestone Evangelism”
    June 10, 2003

    After Ken Ham announced a unique ‘gravestone’ evangelism effort, AiG-US got more letters and comments than possibly anything else he’s ever sent out.

  • Local Fights Have Begun in Ohio
    June 2, 2003

    Last year the State of Ohio, USA, took center stage in a national battle over evolution in state schools.

  • Magazine Article
    Tragic Truth
    June 1, 2003, pp. 10–15

    What do you say to help survivors of a horrific tragedy? Pastor Gino has recently faced this tough question, not once but twice.

  • Creation 2003: Filled to Overflowing
    May 27, 2003

    Their hearts—and minds—were ‘filled to overflowing,’ as nearly 800 guests loaded up their cars and buses and began to scatter to the four winds from AiG’s Creation 2003 Conference.


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