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  • Aug. 3, 2018 from Searching for Adam

    There are three lines of evidence demonstrating that the Neanderthals were fully human ancestors of modern humans in spite of their undeserved sordid reputation.

  • “Hobbits” Were True Humans!
    Feb. 14, 2007

    The island of Flores, Indonesia, was the discovery site of fossil adult humans just three feet tall with a cranial capacity of about 380 cubic centimeters. Their scientific name is Homo floresiensis. However, they have been nicknamed “hobbits,” after the stars of the Lord of the Rings saga by Tolkien.

  • “Hobbits” Were Real!
    Sept. 13, 2006

    Mystifying human fossils were found on the island of Flores, Indonesia, by a team led by Peter Brown and M. J. Morwood, and reported in Nature.

  • The Toumaï Skull: Ape or Human Ancestor?
    Aug. 30, 2006

    In 2001, a chimp-sized cranium (lacking the lower jaw) was discovered in the Djurab Desert in the central African nation of Chad.

  • Fact Versus Fiction: The Recent Ethiopian Fossils
    April 17, 2006

    The Asa Issie fossil discovery is just one more of evolutionists false interpretations of the fossil record in an attempt to “prove” an animal origin for humans.

  • New Hominid Skull from Kenya
    April 16, 2001

    The new fossil skull is quite distinct from A. afarensis, and has been given a new genus and species assignment--Kenyanthropus platyops, “flat-faced human from Kenya.”

  • Magazine Article
    Axing Evolutionary ideas—Stone Dead!
    June 1, 1994, pp. 28–30

    One of the most popular myths of human evolution is that stone tools testify to the increasing mental and conceptual abilities of humans as they evolved.

  • Magazine Article
    The Human Fossils Still Speak!
    March 1, 1993, pp. 10–13

    The human fossil record is completely compatible with special creation. In contrast, the human fossil evidence is so contrary to evolution that it effectively falsifies the idea that humans evolved.


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