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Mark Looy Articles

Latest Articles by Mark Looy

  • Unbecoming of Humans
    Nov. 3, 2009

    PBS TV in America is proclaiming that due to “an explosion of recent discoveries [that shed] light on . . . our hominid relatives,” it’s time to broadcast another documentary on human evolution.

  • A Mess in Texas
    Jan. 23, 2009

    In the Lone Star State this week, the science curriculum has been “messed with” by evolutionists in what has become the latest battle in the creation/evolution wars in America.

  • Race Around the Nation
    Jan. 19, 2009

    A special exhibition on racism and the “races” is traveling across America. While interesting, there some glaring oversights included.

  • The (Im)moral of the Story
    Jan. 1, 2009

    The popular culture is infused with beliefs contrary to the Book of Genesis (and the Bible in general), and it’s not just the high-profile debate over origins that regularly plays out in society.

  • Countering the Year of Darwin
    Dec. 23, 2008

    In 2009, Darwin’s psychophants will be hyping their hero, even in churches. But AiG has a host of conferences planned that will deflate the evolutionary zeal.

  • Expelled from the Zoo
    Dec. 2, 2008

    A simple business relationship between two popular attractions in the Cincinnati area has turned into a national controversy.

  • Staged Evolution
    Nov. 4, 2008

    Dinosaurs are great tools for teaching the history of the earth. But at the Walking with Dinosaurs show, all you’ll find is evolutionary indoctrination.

  • Debate, Finally
    Oct. 20, 2008

    Ken Ham takes on a compromising Christian professor on the reliability of Genesis and the science of creation.

  • Creation Pioneer to Be at the Creation Museum
    Sept. 30, 2008

    Gary Parker, a pioneer in creation research, will be speaking at the Creation Museum. Find out more.

  • Is She Really a Creationist?
    Aug. 30, 2008

    A candidate for U.S. vice president has suggested debate on origins should be allowed in state-run schools. But is she really a creationist?

  • Creation in California’s Christian Classrooms Challenged
    Aug. 14, 2008

    Federal judge upholds rights of University of California to deny course credit for Christian high school courses/texts that reject evolution.

  • Leading Newspapers Slight Creationists and Intelligent Design Advocates
    May 6, 2008

    The Creation Museum of Answers in Genesis continues to draw international media coverage 11 months on—some, however, continues to rehash false arguments.

  • Creation Graduate School Under Attack Again
    April 25, 2008

    The state of Texas denied a creation graduate school’s application to have its master's degree program approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB).

  • Dr. Dawkins, Tear down This Wall!
    April 23, 2008

    Expelled brings to light the ruthlessness committed by evolutionists as they expel dissenters from within their midst.

  • Expelled Review
    March 31, 2008

    A review of the new documentary Expelled.

  • A Meeting of Minds
    March 13, 2008

    Two of the better-known challengers of the evolutionary belief system met in Nashville, Tennessee, on Tuesday to discuss ways that the upcoming movie Expelled can have a major impact.

  • What You Didn’t See
    Jan. 14, 2008

    While we don’t wish to come across as ungrateful over the blessing of such wide coverage, we did find it somewhat frustrating at times.

  • Magazine’s Museum Praise
    Jan. 7, 2008

    A recent weekend supplement of Australia’s leading newspaper featured a balanced piece on the Creation Museum.

  • The Creation/Evolution Battle Resumes
    Jan. 4, 2008

    Only four days into the new year, leading evolutionists have published a new book in an effort to keep creationist ideas out of the public school classroom.

  • The media year in review—the Creation Museum 2007
    Dec. 28, 2007

    The highlights of the media year of 2007.

  • Creation Museum Showcased on FOX News Channel—Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
    Dec. 21, 2007

    One of the lengthy segments of the FOX Christmas special entitled “Miracles: Facts, Fiction & Faith” will showcase the Creation Museum.

  • Look Who’s Watching Us Now!
    Dec. 17, 2007 has—for the third year in a row—honored Answers in Genesis for financial integrity, naming it once again as one of its yearly 30 “brightest shining light” ministries.


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