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  • Dec. 25, 2016

    In the true Christmas story, the Prince of Peace takes on human flesh, conquers sin and Satan by His death and Resurrection, and reconciles sinful believers to the holy God.

  • Dec. 19, 2015

    Scripture says that Jesus' birth brought peace on Earth—but what about all the wars, crime, and natural disasters? What kind of peace did Jesus bring?

  • Feedback Article
    Why Did God Create Apes with Human Features?
    June 13, 2015 from Feedback

    “If God knew that apes and the like would be used so passionately by evolutionists to support their theory, why did he create them?”

  • May 9, 2015

    May we redeemed daughters of Eve consistently root out the deceptive influences within and without, trusting and obeying God’s perfect Word.

  • Will I Be a Deserter?
    Nov. 29, 2011

    Your faith will be tested at college. Prepare yourself now by grounding yourself on the right authority, allegiance, and Ally.

  • Tools of Persuasion for Creationist Students
    Nov. 22, 2011

    Whether you are writing a creationist paper, giving a speech, or sharing in conversations with other students, you can employ these essential tools of persuasion.

  • Feedback: Creationist Students
    Nov. 18, 2011

    How can you study science at the collegiate level and still maintain a secure grip on your Christian beliefs, even under the evolutionists’ stronghold?

  • Speaking Up or Keeping Silent in Science Class
    Nov. 15, 2011

    Scripture clearly states that at certain times silence is a virtue. Yet at other times remaining silent is wrong, cowardly, and traitorous. How can we know when to “keep silence” and when to speak?

  • Feedback Article
    Are the Laws of Logic Really Laws?
    Nov. 11, 2011 from Feedback

    Are the laws of logic really laws, or are they just descriptors? Darius and Karin Viet, AiG–U.S., explain.

  • Salt and Light

    You don’t have to be a fanatic to promote creationism on your college campus. You just have to be a follower of Christ with a heart to see others believing Him and His Word on creation.

  • Overcoming Doubt

    What happens when you enroll at a compromised university and hear the professor confidently lecture on evolution, perhaps even ridiculing the creationist perspective?

  • Creationist Students Armed for Battle

    As a creationist student in a secular science course, you must realize you are entering a battlefield. In the college classroom, Satan wants the Creator denied and the gospel concealed.

  • Christ-Centered College Choice

    The Christ-centeredness of your heart matters much more than your college choice. Still, there are several factors to consider in choosing and then thriving in your educational environment.

  • Feedback Article
    How Long Is a Day?
    Aug. 5, 2011 from Feedback

    Can’t “day” just mean a period of time? Darius and Karin Viet explain.

  • Feedback Article
    Circular Reasoning
    May 27, 2011 from Feedback

    Do Christians use circular reasoning when they presuppose that God exists? Is circular reasoning a logical fallacy? Darius and Karin Viet explain.

  • Feedback Article
    The Source of Moral Absolutes
    May 13, 2011 from Feedback

    Is morality based on God’s personal preferences? What is the source of moral absolutes? Darius and Karin Viet explain.


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