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  • Technical Research Paper
    Sedimentation Experiments: Is Extrapolation Appropriate?
    April 1, 1997, pp. 65–70

    The conclusions drawn from the sedimentation experiments presented on the video Drama in the Rocks are reiterated and defended.

  • Technical Research Paper
    Experiments on Stratification of Heterogeneous Sand Mixtures
    April 1, 1994, pp. 37–50

    Superposed strata in sedimentary rocks are believed to have been formed by successive layers of sediments deposited periodically with interruptions of sedimentation.

  • Technical Research Paper
    Experiments on Lamination of Sediments
    April 1, 1988, pp. 25–29

    Experiments on lamination of sediments, resulting from a periodic graded-bedding subsequent to deposition—a contribution to the explanation of lamination of various sediments and sedimentary rocks.


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