Latest Articles by Dr. David Menton

  • Feedback Article
    Weaved Together in the Womb?
    April 16, 2010 from Feedback

    Is the NIV version of the Bible wrong to say that we are “knit” together in the womb? Dr. Terry Mortenson and Dr. David Menton, AiG–U.S., examine the Hebrew and science.

  • Magazine Article
    Uniqueness of Man
    April 1, 2010 from Answers Magazine

    Genesis 1 states that God specially created the first male and female in His own image.

  • Book Chapter
    Did Humans Really Evolve from Apelike Creatures?
    Feb. 25, 2010 from The New Answers Book 2

    Perhaps the most bitter pill to swallow for any Christian who attempts to “make peace” with Darwin is the presumed ape ancestry of man.

  • The Year of Darwin
    Jan. 8, 2009 from Answers Update

    A disturbing trend throughout the past 50 years has been the growing stridency and unabashed dogmatism of evolutionists.

  • Plan B
    July 21, 2008

    The FDA announced approval of Plan B, a hormonal birth control drug, also known as a “morning-after” pill, for over-the-counter sale to women aged 18 and older.

  • An “Expected” Slant?
    April 11, 2006

    Wednesday evening (April 12) the History Channel will present “Scopes: The battle over America’s soul.”

  • Gone Fishin’ for a Missing Link? (A Preliminary Response)
    April 6, 2006

    The secular press has been buzzing over a report that a fossil had been found in the Arctic that supposedly proves that land animals evolved from fish.

  • A Battle for Men’s Souls: Part 2
    March 11, 2006

    The second article in a two part series discussing what happened at the 172nd meeting of the AAAS last month.

  • A Battle for Men’s Souls: Part 1
    March 10, 2006

    The first article in a two part series discussing what happened at the 172nd meeting of the AAAS last month.

  • Mexican Markings and Chronological Chaos
    Jan. 30, 2006

    Dr. Sylvia Gonzales of John Moores University in Liverpool, England reported in 2005 about the discovery of 269 footprints preserved in volcanic ash in the Valsequillo region of central Mexico.

  • The First Day of Biology Class in the Year 2015
    Jan. 2, 2006

    The following article written by David Menton is really a spoof on the current situation regarding the creation/evolution battle in the secular school system.

  • The Scopes “Monkey Trial”—80 Years Later
    July 11, 2005

    The newscasters and editorialists will be all abuzz about the Scopes trial this week on the 80th anniversary of America's most famous court trial.

  • “Ostrich-Osaurus” Discovery?
    March 28, 2005

    Scientists have recently made the startling discovery of a dinosaur skeleton that still retains well preserved soft tissue.

  • A Philly Story
    Feb. 8, 2005

    How would you like to fly in an airplane produced by chance random processes—no intelligence involved?

  • Evolutionists Claim that Running Made us Human
    Nov. 22, 2004

    Yet once again the popular media is alive with the sound of evolutionism. This time the story that has them all abuzz is the new claim that “running made us human.”

  • The Origin of Life
    June 26, 2003

    One of the most fundamental axioms of biology is that all life comes from pre-existing life. Still, until the later part of the 19th century, life was believed to arise by spontaneous generation.

  • The Creation-Evolution Controversy
    June 19, 2003

    Science, or more accurately ‘scientism,’ has not hesitated to wade into the domain of religion.

  • Making Monkeys out of Man
    Aug. 28, 2000

    The evolutionist’s notion that man evolved by chance from ape-like creatures is largely based upon certain anatomical similarities between apes and men.

  • If We Resemble Apes, Does that Mean We Evolved from Apes?
    Aug. 25, 2000

    Anyone who has ever watched the monkeys and apes at a zoo, couldn’t help but notice their resemblance to humans.

  • Making Man out of Monkeys
    Aug. 22, 2000

    The bitterest pill to swallow for any Christian who attempts to “make peace” with Darwin is the presumed animal ancestry of man.

  • Magazine Article
    Inherit the Wind: An Historical Analysis
    Dec. 1, 1996, pp. 35–38

    Inherit the Wind is not a documentary, but it is perceived by many viewers to be a documentary–drama of the famous 1925 Scopes ‘monkey’ trial.


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