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Dale Mason

Dale Mason, Publisher

“The Bible is filled with sadness.” That’s something you won’t hear too often on Sunday morning. Thankfully, the Bible is also filled with hope! And that’s where a very special article by Dr. Georgia Purdom comes in. It is an excellent reminder of the impact of sin and sadness on our world, and even more, it is a reminder of our hope of reconciliation through Jesus.

On page 32 you’ll find Georgia’s encouraging article about Eve. Most people don’t know Eve’s story. Aside from a quick mention from time to time, her life story is rarely taught, and when it is, it’s usually presented more as fantasy.

But the book of Genesis is history. There really was a woman who was perfect in every way, married to an equally impressive man. They lived in a perfect place. It’s true. But perfection was short-lived.

I’m currently reading two novels about the pre-Flood world. They were sent to me from two different sources. One has truly captured my mind’s eye. In it a very elderly Eve has outlived her beloved Adam. She has watched as her children and a score of generations of grandchildren have invented technologies in keeping with both their intellect and their longevity.

She has also witnessed the rise of a degenerate, man-centered world. Eve’s heart is heavy, and as the author imagines what Eve may have faced, I am thankful for the hope-centered perspective of Dr. Purdom’s article.

Although it was written especially for women, men will be encouraged by this article as well. I’d love to hear what you think.

As usual, there’s a lot of Creator-honoring variety here—from intriguing facts about chameleons to deeper perspectives on carbon dating—and we trust you’ll be blessed from cover to cover!

All for Him,

Dale T. Mason, Publisher

P.S. “Seven Compelling Evidences” on pages 54–64 is a great series for discussion. Consider taking five minutes to read one a week at dinner or for a Bible study, then just talk about it!

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