News to Note, March 30, 2013

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Reverse evolution, four-winged birds, Jesus Christ’s ministry on the History Channel, what’s in a name?, cosmic map, and more in this week’s News to Note.

1. Dust Mites Defy Dollo’s Law

Dust mites defy Dollo’s law.

2. Do Four-Winged Birds Confirm Dinosaur Role in Flight Evolution?

Do four-winged Cretaceous birds confirm dinosaurs’ role in the evolution of flight?

3. Jewish, Roman Leaders See Jesus as Threat

Jesus—come from God the Father with authority to deal with sin—is perceived as a threat by the Jewish and Roman leaders.

4. Intercultural Communication Lesson Demonstrates What Not to Do

Lesson on intercultural communication demonstrates what not to do.

5. Planck Map Confirms Big Bang Model Just Doesn’t Fit

Planck map increases age estimate of the universe but confirms a plank of the big bang model just doesn’t fit.

And Don’t Miss …

  • An offer of $10,000 to anyone who can disprove the Genesis account of origins before a judge is making headlines worldwide. Kinesiologist Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo issued the challenge. All evidence presented before an agreed-upon judge must be “scientific, objective, valid, reliable and calibrated.” 1

    Asked to comment on the contest, Answers in Genesis molecular geneticist Dr. Georgia Purdom said, “While we are generally supportive of attempts by people to expose the bankruptcy of molecules-to-man evolution, we are not sanguine about efforts that claim creation can be proven today. Both creation and evolution are outside the domain of ‘observational science’ and thus neither is provable. Instead, the creation vs. evolution question involves ‘historical science,’ which is used to interpret the evidence we see today. The evidence does not speak for itself; in fact, it is subject to interpretive bias” (emphasis added). Evolutionary claims are a historical science and—because they concern unobservable, untestable events long past—they are not scientifically provable, experimentally verifiable, or objectively observable. This fact eludes many people. “No judge is completely without bias,” explains Dr. Purdom. “Furthermore, if the judge does not understand the difference between observational science and historical science, the sheer number of scientists who accept evolution might sway him to the evolution position. In that case, the creationist movement would be dealt a setback in the public’s mind.” A person’s presuppositions and worldview invariably determine how he interprets evidence relevant to our origins. Biblical creationists believe that God the Creator was the only eyewitness to our origins. And just as God has told us the truth about His love for us, the origin of sin and suffering, and our need for a Savior in the Bible, He has also told us the truth about creation and the global Flood that shaped our present world.

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