News to Note, June 9, 2007

A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint


1. I Dream of Caves (on Mars)

The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence came up empty-handed again this week, as FOX NEWS carried a story on a large dark spot, possibly indicating a deep hole, found on Mars.

2. T. Rex: Life in the Slow Lane

Fearsome, lethal Tyrannosaurus rex: a cunning, quick, dexterous dinosaur that ruled the ancient world, right? Not quite.

3. Mice (Cells) to Men (Cells)

There may be—we emphasize, may be—a solution on the horizon that would quiet the current debate over the use of embryonic stem cells, a type of stem cells harvested from human embryos that, in general, require the destruction of an unborn child.

4. Sponge Synapses

According to evolutionist scientists, popular cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants may not be as fictional a concept as previously thought! Or so suggests recent research appearing this week in PLoS ONE.

5. Super-Adaptable Bacteria?

One of the most common canards in the creation/evolution debate is that bacterial resistance to antibiotics proves that “evolution”—implying microbes-to-man evolution—is empirically verified, indisputable reality.

6. Frogs: America or Bust

A recent evolutionary finding from Central and South America lends support to creationists’ post-Flood speciation model.

7. Agassiz: Anti-Darwin

This interesting story, from Harvard University’s news office, reviews a talk given by Aramont Professor of the History of Science Janet Browne of Harvard University.

8. Encouraging Poll Discussed

The results of a USA Today/Gallup Poll, released and reviewed in Friday’s edition of USA Today, reaffirm previous surveys that show a United States populace with no consensus on the creation/evolution issue.

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