News to Note, June 5, 2010

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on June 5, 2010
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Science vs. religion: fact vs. fiction?; jumping genes; why do physicists exist?; and more!

1. Surprising Attitudes Toward Religion Among Scientists

An extensive new study of scientists reveals some surprising attitudes toward religion among scientists.

2. Modern Jews Have Implications for Biblical History

The history of the Jews—and, more broadly, the Hebrews—is wrapped up in the history of the Bible. For that reason alone, modern studies of those identifying as Jews often have interesting implications for biblical history.

3. Latest Genetics Battle

Genetics is a key battleground in the war between evolution and creation models for the origin and diversity of life. So which side wins the latest battle on the genetics front?

4. Water in Mars History

Yet another discovery suggests that the history of Mars was a wet one.

5. Look to Genesis for Questions of “Why?”

“[W]e exist, and [secular] physicists (among others) would dearly like to know why.” Of course, all they have to do is open to Genesis!

6. And Don’t Miss . . .

  • Does the secret behind the evolution of all life on earth lie in the genes of brown algae (in connection with the genes of other organisms)? Apparently so, according to some scientists.
  • We’ve reported on the incredible migratory ability of the bar-tailed godwit before, and now there’s more information about just how the birds sustain themselves on their incredible journeys.
  • A cave painting of an animal thought long extinct shows that humans did live alongside them. Are we talking about dinosaurs? Afraid not; the news this week is about a giant flightless bird called Genyornis.
  • Is a T-shirt promoting virginity too “offensive” for public school?
  • When you think of venomous animals, does the solenodon ever come to mind? The world’s only mammal that can inject venom through its teeth, the solenodon should be a puzzle for evolutionists: another example of “convergent” evolution, since its clear this creature didn’t descend from a snake. (For more information on venomous creatures, see How Did Defense/Attack Structures Come About?)
  • ScienceNOW reports on the latest research into spiders’ incredible silk-weaving abilities, a great example of design in nature.

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