News to Note, January 20, 2007

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1. Skull Exhibits Confusing Characteristics

According to evolutionary anthropology, “modern” humans have been slowly evolving over tens of thousands of years, and before that, earlier forms of humans (and, farther back, an ape-like ancestor) prowled the land. According to biblical anthropology, humans were created on the sixth day of creation -fully “modern!”-and have undergone only downhill “evolution” ever since. Furthermore, biblical anthropology teaches that alleged “ancient” humans, such as Neandertals, were actually modern, too-see “The Caring Neandertal” for a full explanation.

2. Christianity Today: “Creation or Evolution? Yes!

January’s Christianity Today included a short interview with famed human genome researcher Francis Collins, author of the Christianity-plus-evolution (or is that evolution-plus-Christianity?) book The Language of God. We encourage you to examine Dr. Collins’ comments in the interview-then read a review of his book.

Perhaps the most interesting statement Dr. Collins offered was that “God is the author of all truth. You can find him in the laboratory as well as in the cathedral.” Of course, we agree that God is the Author of all truth; and we would say (as Romans 1:20 says) that God’s qualities can be discerned in the laboratory. But in Collins’ worldview, what acts as the arbiter when “truth” in the lab conflicts with truth in the metaphorical cathedral? Science, of course; science trumps (or forces an eisegetical “re-interpretation” of) Scripture. One wonders what Collins’ view on the Resurrection is; after all, lab tests would indicate people can’t rise from the dead-yet we pray he doesn’t allow lab science to trump Scripture in that instance!

3. BBC NEWS: “White beetle dazzles scientists

In the first of three major design-in-nature articles for the week, BBC NEWS reports on research into the ultrawhite Cyphochilus beetle. The beetle’s thin layer of scales-ten times thinner than a human hair-are whiter than milk or the average tooth, reports Dr. Pete Vukusic of the University of Exeter, who explained that “Such pure bright whiteness is uncommon in insects.”

Of course, don’t expect credit for this awesome design to go to any Designer:

The team thinks the beetle evolved to be so white because the colour provides camouflage in amongst the white fungi common to where it is found.

4. Bat Wings: Efficiency in Motion

The second of three design-in-nature articles this week highlights the amazing flight maneuvering capabilities of bats. Scientists Kenneth Breuer and Sharon Swartz, both professors at Brown University, are “combining high-resolution, three-dimensional video recordings with precise measurements of the wake field generated by the bats’ wing movements.” Why, you ask?

5. Self-Cleaning Lotus Leaves

In the third article on design-in-nature, Wired magazine’s Gadget Lab blog summarizes ongoing research in “self-cleaning plastics.” Quoting research published through the (Dutch) University of Twente, the blog explains how the self-cleaning process of lotus leaves is being adapted into self-cleaning plastics:

6. Reuters: “Dinosaurs, humans coexist in U.S. creation museum“

It almost seems routine now to find an article on AiG’s soon-to-open Creation Museum in the news; however, this Reuters report is a refreshingly unbiased and accurate update on the latest in Creation Museum news. Remember, the museum opens, Lord willing, May 28! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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