News to Note, February 16, 2008

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A telling tooth, sonar-challenged bat, problem with bird-to-dino theory, more ARJ backlash, copying design, and expanding horizons give us this week’s News to Note.

1. Dental Discovery Indicates Travel Among Neanderthals

They may not have traveled in minivans and RVs, but a tooth found in Greece suggests Neanderthals roamed the earth more than was once thought, according to research published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

2. Bat Fossil Disproves Long-Standing Evolutionary Question

Evolutionists’ question of which came first, bat echolocation (like sonar) or bat flight, has finally been answered—we just know that’s a question that’s been on your mind for a while!

3. Modern Birds Existed Before Extinction of Dinosaurs

Birds were around long before the downfall of the dinos, according to new research that studies “discrepancies between results from fossils and genetic analyses” of birds.

4. LiveScience: “New Tape Mimics Sticky Gecko Feet”

A team of scientists publishing in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface has come up with an adhesive tape that sticks easily but releases just as easily. The inspiration? Gecko feet.

The tape, which contains millions of plastic fibers, is super-strong, with just a square inch able to support nearly a pound. Furthermore, the material gets stronger with use, tightening its hold, for instance, as it slid along a glass surface. The adhesive detaches with ease when lifted, however, making it ideal for a variety of applications.

Lynn Preston of the National Science Foundation, which funded the team, credit creation (not intentionally, we imagine) for the breakthrough:

“The results of this project are an impressive example of how teaming engineers with biologists results in a better understanding of the role of ‘engineering’ in nature. This is a perfect example of how to turn that understanding into products that are as sophisticated as those developed by ‘Mother Nature.’”

Once again, we listen sadly as a scientist identifies the “creator” of life as Mother Nature but ignores the real Engineer behind all of the incredible designs around us.

Further Reading

5. Answers Research Journal Still Under Fire from Media

Answers Research Journal, our new peer-reviewed journal that publishes papers on aspects of the biblical Creation/Flood model, is still receiving flak from mainstream media.

6. Christian News WIre: “‘Answers in Genesis’ Programming Coming to the NRB Network”

Satellite provider DIRECTV’s NRB Network is now broadcasting Answers in Genesis programming on their Tuesday Nature/Science Night.

The NRB Network, channel 378, is available to all DIRECTV subscribers through their base “Total Choice” package. To learn more about the Answers Creation Hour, visit our write-up earlier this week, “Tune in to Answers Creation Hour—AiG’s New Television Program.” And tune in during the debut hour on this Tuesday, February 19!

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