News to Note, August 7, 2010

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on August 7, 2010
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Synthesizing dragons, meowing alligators, evolving fish, barking creationists, and more!

1. Did Dragons Exist?

Did dragons ever exist? Or is that idea too ridiculous for “real” science?

2. Fossil with Crocodile and Cat Traits

Cats and crocodiles may appear about as different as two vertebrates can possibly be. But a fossil found in Tanzania has traits of both.

3. Fast Fish Evolutionary Response

“[O]ne of the fastest evolutionary responses ever recorded in wild populations,” claims a press release about recent research. But is it really “evolution”?

4. Man’s Best Friend

Some say dogs are man’s best friend, and that seems to be true for creationists as well.

5. Unhappy FASTS

It’s a news story that won’t make the FASTS happy.

6. And Don’t Miss . . .

  • Do snails have a homing instinct? BBC News reports on an experiment designed to test just how well snails can find their way home.
  • Firebrand scientist Craig Venter, in an interview with Der Spiegel, admits that the complexity of both the human genome and human cells—and even bacterial cells, for that matter—are far too complex for scientists to understand. He also takes a potshot at the claim that science and faith can go together.
  • Were reptiles the first animals to conquer dry land—or are their fossil footprints representative of when they were buried during the Flood?
  • Are scientists taking a more authoritarian stance with regard to science? That’s the argument made by two American Enterprise Institute researchers who present the evidence for their case.
  • Is there life on Mars? Some scientists’ search for an answer—and the accompanying media coverage—continues.
  • It looks like Livingston Parish, Louisiana, may be the next battleground over the teaching of creation in public schools.

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