News to Note, August 30, 2008

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on August 30, 2008
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The sophisticated Neanderthal, Evolution Exposed on the front lines, magnetic cows, and more!

1. Neanderthal Tools as Complex as Those of Modern Humans

To our Neanderthal readers: on behalf of all Homo sapiens, pardon our past arrogance and TV commercials about cavemen—not to mention other incorrect portrayals of you!

2. Controversy In the Classroom as Faith and Science Clash

A lengthy article in the New York Times examines a microcosm of the controversy over evolution education in public school classrooms—and even mentions AiG’s student-aimed bestseller Evolution Exposed.

3. Dung Beetle Used in Argument For Natural Selection

Britain’s leading newsmagazine weighs in on “one of the lies regularly promulgated by creationist ideologues.” Uncalled-for, ugly allegations aside, we have to, ironically, wonder about the “truth” of that statement.

4. How Clownfish Find Their Way Back to Familiar Waters

After young orange clownfish (like Nemo from the Disney/Pixar film Finding Nemo) hatch, they spend nearly two weeks in the open sea, probably carried by currents far from home. Yet afterward, they often return to near the very spot where they were born—how?

5. Cattle Align Bodies North to South With Compass Quality

Out for a vigorous hike and lose your way? No need to reach for that compass; just be on the lookout for deer or cattle instead.

Remember, if you see a news story that might merit some attention, let us know about it! And thanks to all of our readers who have submitted great news tips to us. If you didn’t catch last week’s News to Note, why not take a look at it now? See you next week!

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