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  • July 1, 2015, pp. 19–20

    Imagine the first chapter of Genesis unfolding before your eyes.

  • Magazine Department Article
    Out of Africa
    July 1, 2015, p. 20

    When we have resolve and willingness to seek opportunities to share our faith, a simple start can grow into an international outreach.

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    Noah in Nashville
    July 1, 2015, p. 23

    Reenactment actor Deks Nordquist has a passion for history and has portrayed many historical characters in documentaries, movies, and plays.

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    An Interview with Dennis Rainey—Families Built on Creation
    July 1, 2015, p. 21

    Dr. Dennis Rainey recently chatted with us about the role of creation in his ministry to families.

  • Magazine Department Article
    Reaching a Different Culture
    July 1, 2015, p. 23

    A largely unreached culture is all around us.

  • Magazine Department Article
    Why Do Christians Care So Much About Creation?
    July 1, 2015, p. 22

    The passion that drives this magazine and its parent ministry, Answers in Genesis, is to spread the Creator’s message about the gospel.

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July–September 2015

This issue focuses on five powerful evidences that confirm creation and leave unbelievers without excuse.

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