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This week's positive feedback is from Jennifer Nichols of Georgia, USA.

This week's positive feedback is from Jennifer Nichols of Georgia, USA.

Dear Mr. Ham and AiG:

Around 8 years ago I listened to your seminar on cassette audio tapes and just couldn't get enough. I was so excited. I had a 4 year old then and bought many of your childrens resources like "A is for Adam", Creation Magazine, etc. Now I have 3 children and we have your teachings imbedded deep in our hearts. My now 12 year old went to see the movie "Atlantis" with a friend and proceeded to tell me all the evolutionary teaching that the movie tried to have them believe. Thank you so much for your seminars in our area this past year. I took my children and I know they can now hear that voice saying, "Were you there?" when we visit the WDW Epcot energy exhibit that is entrenched with evolution from the beginning with the "Big Bang" being computer generated. But it was actually my voice saying it out loud to all the audience (much to the embarrassment of my children.) Part of our fun is trying to find the evolutionary teaching and expose it to the others in our family. A childs picture library book about wild animals tried to explain why a dolphin had flippers with bones like an arm in a very evolutionary way. I enjoyed reminding my daughter that it was designed to do exactly what it does do. And it does it very well, too. Yes, I also have AIG as my home page to keep up with you. I am from Cincinnati originally and also have an aunt that currently lives in Victoria, Australia. I can't wait to come up and visit the museum. My parents want to make it a family reunion and bring everyone to the museum when it opens.

Thanks again for your ministry.

Jennifer Nichols


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