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I am a high school student who will be entering a university in Illinois, USA in the fall.

I am a high school student who will be entering a university in Illinois, USA in the fall. I will be majoring in geology and astronomy, and am a staunch creationist.

Even though my beliefs will be called into question innumerable times, I will be able to stand firm while hearing the (evolutionists') side of the argument. I have received enough education to know that it is the creationists who are scientific.

I stumbled upon your Web site while looking for information about current evolutionary theory and creationist stances on scientific issues. I have been fervently defending the Word of God to the best of my ability, but what I have run into is nothing short of closed-mindedness to the evolutionary contradictions to fundamental science.

I believe that the relationship between origin science and religion will not grow closer over the coming years, but I can say that in order to reject the false teachings of the evolutionists, we should put on the armor of God, and then use scientific laws to aid us. Despite what evolutionists say about God as being unnecessary for abiogenesis [development of living organisms from nonliving matter] and evolution, it is clear that their 'debunking' of Genesis is beginning to fool the common man into believing that God doesn't exist.

I offer you kudos and best wishes for your mission to build a Creation Museum (near Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) that will offer exhibits that are overlooked by evolutionary scientists. Creationists need to learn that the ideas of an old Earth and evolution are man-made ideas that were placed into human minds by Satan.

- C.H., Illinois


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