The Puzzle of Ancient Man

The Puzzle of Ancient Man

Man has always been highly intelligent. With startling inventions, maps, ziggurats, and pyramids, your thinking about “ancient man” will never be the same!

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Pop culture has led us to believe that ancient man was primitive, originating from primates and steadily improving through an evolutionary process of time and chance. But does that agree with reality? What does the evidence left behind from past cultures tell us? Was ancient man simple and primitive as generations have been taught, or did the level of science and technology existing thousands of years ago rival, or even surpass, the level of the 21st century?

Dr. Chittick reveals and examines details of technology, evidence of ancient machine power, and optical technology possessed by ancient people. Come and examine this illustrated book—which has color photos plus black & white illustrations—to see what the facts are regarding ancient man. Facts that have long gone unnoticed or which have been "hidden" and summarily ignored by today’s secular culture.

This just re-released book is updated & expanded from its previous popular version. The Puzzle of Ancient Man is incredibly intriguing and shows that man has always been highly intelligent. From startling ancient inventions to maps, ziggurats, and pyramids, evidence that is perplexing to evolutionists shows that the Bible explains the true history of man. Your thinking about “ancient man” will never be the same!



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