Guests Nationwide to Attend Easter Conference at the Ark

AiG to Equip Christians to Communicate the Truth of the Bible and the Gospel to an Increasingly Secularized and Atheistic Culture


Editor’s note: This article was adapted from a news release that was recently distributed to the media.

Answers in Genesis (AiG) is hosting its five-day Easter Conference at the Ark Encounter next month, April 17–21. Sponsored by Pure Flix, the apologetics conference, with practical pointers on how to defend the Christian faith in a secular culture, will feature speakers Ken Ham of AiG, evangelist Ray Comfort, astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle, and many others.

As Christians celebrate Easter on April 21, AiG will host attendees from 38 US states and five nations at the Ark attraction in Williamstown, Kentucky, for a time of teaching with an apologetics emphasis. The conference is called “Answering Atheists.” Because the current generation is much more atheistic, Christians need to know how to impact atheists with the gospel message.

Customarily, the American Atheists hold their annual national convention on Easter weekend. Members of the atheist community gather from all over the world. With their timing, the atheists attempt to counter Christians’ celebration of Easter, a major event and doctrine of the Christian faith. The atheists’ 2019 National Convention will be held in downtown Cincinnati, April 19–21, north of the Ark Encounter.

Because the current generation is much more atheistic, Christians need to know how to impact atheists with the gospel message

The AiG Easter conference will provide a clear, logical defense of the Christian faith that will answer the many skeptical questions people have today regarding the Bible and Christianity. The conference will also equip Christians to engage skeptics in an increasingly secularized culture and challenge non-Christians concerning the truth of the Bible. All are welcome to attend the conference.

Ken Ham stated: “At Easter, Christians are known to exclaim ‘Hallelujah—Christ is risen from the dead!’ The resurrection is powerful confirmation that the Christian faith is true. As we celebrate this truth at our new Answers Center at the Ark, we’ll equip Christians to have answers to the skeptical questions of our day about the Bible and its history.”

Registrants to the Easter Conference on atheism will receive:

  • Four days of solid biblical teaching, plus a concluding 7 a.m. Easter sunrise service at the Ark Encounter, April 21, which is free to all
  • Seven-day combo admission to the popular Ark Encounter and the world-class Creation Museum, 45 minutes from the Ark, with free parking
  • Talks by experts on apologetics and how to reach skeptics with answers

Keynote speakers include AiG’s CEO Ken Ham and evangelist Ray Comfort, along with a diverse lineup of dynamic presenters from AiG and other organizations. Comfort is also a renowned author of more than 70 books, a cohost of the award-winning TV show The Way of the Master, and the founder of the evangelistic ministry Living Waters.

Families and individuals may choose from several multi-day pass options, which include all conference sessions, daily presentations, and other activities. Meal options and retail discounts are available. The conference is sponsored by the online streaming service Pure Flix (, which has about 400 AiG videos available for download.

AiG, celebrating 25 years of outreach this year, is an apologetics (i.e., Bible-defending) ministry based in northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. The Creation Museum, located west of the Cincinnati Airport, has welcomed four million visitors since opening in 2007. AiG’s Ark Encounter is a one-of-a-kind historically themed attraction with a massive Noah’s Ark as the centerpiece, which draws more than one million guests a year.

More information about AiG and its growing faculty, research activities, and attractions can be found at


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