Horticulture Technician

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Location: Williamstown, KY
Department: Horticulture


The Horticulture Technician is responsible for day to day involvement in the growing of plants and implementation of reliable growing processes, including pesticide applications, irrigation, temperature, growing media, fertilization, nutrition, and monitoring the overall health of plants.



  • Performs assigned grower functions such as crop scheduling, IPM, seed sowing, cutting propagation, transplanting, potting, watering, fertilizing, pinching, etc. Takes whatever action is necessary to insure timely and healthy propagation and finishing of crops assigned, in collaboration with the Horticulture staff.
  • Assists in planning, implementing, and monitoring a fertilizer program including the safe handling of chemicals.
  • Looks after the welfare of the greenhouse facilities and equipment and assists in the maintenance of equipment.
  • Schedules, trains and supervises other staff and volunteers assigned to the Greenhouse.
  • Explains and enforces safety regulations.
  • Collaborates with Horticulture staff to determine seasonal needs for each site then grow accordingly.
  • Assists in creating new and unique displays to be used at site.
  • Maintains records of crop activities and observations, including pesticide applications and growth records.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Assist Maintenance and R&D divisions when needed.
  • And all other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.


  • Requires lifting 50-80 pound objects.
  • Frequent bending, walking, and standing.
  • Exposure to a variety of weather conditions for extended periods of time.
  • Exposure to chemicals which may present health hazards if not handled properly.
  • Exposure to dangerous power and hand equipment if not used properly.
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