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JULY 2000

A leap forward for AiG
New chief executive and speaker appointed

In a wonderful answer to prayer, DR A. J. Monty White has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of AiG (UK), starting from September 2000. His wife, Irene, has been appointed Seminar Co-ordinator.

Monty has a PhD in chemistry and has lectured at tertiary level. He has also had 28 years experience as an administrator at various levels in the University at Cardiff. This experience will greatly help him administer AiG in the UK

Monty is an experienced speaker, and will be able to respond to requests to speak at churches and other venues around the UK. Furthermore, his writing abilities will be used to strengthen further the already strong literature base of the ministry.

A vision for Europe as well

AiG (UK) reaches out not only to the UK but also to Mainland Europe. Monty already teaches as a guest lecturer at the State Independent Theological University of Basel, Switzerland (STHB), where Professor Werner Gitt, a friend of AiG's, also lectures. Also, Monty has a number of other contacts in Switzerland, and AiG hopes that through these he will be able to minister in the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland in January 2001, when he next visits STHB to lecture.

Thanks so much, Graham!

Graham Scott for some time has been wanting to hand the reins over to someone else and retire. Graham's wife, Anthea, has not been well, and some time after AiG moved its offices from Swindon to Leicester, Graham and Anthea found a house in South Wales (a 'coming home') with a view to retiring. Graham has recently lived in Leicester on weekdays, spending weekends with Anthea in Wales. Graham has not only supervised the successful move from Swindon, but has helped to establish the work at Leicester. We are extremely grateful to Graham for all of this. He can now retire knowing that the work is in safe hands.

Who are Monty and Irene?

Monty became a Christian in 1964, after being converted from atheism to Christianity. He met Irene at Christmas 1965, when he asked her to read the Bible for him at a Christmas Day service. After Monty had witnessed to her, Irene became a Christian in February 1966 and they married in January 1969, spending their honeymoon in Lyme Regis looking for fossils! They have three grown up children who no longer live at home.

It was shortly after getting married that Monty began to question his theistic evolutionary beliefs and became convinced of a six-literal-day creation, as taught in the Bible. Monty spent the next two years studying evolutionary textbooks and came to the conclusion that evolution was 'mountains of speculation without a molehill of fact'.

Monty has now been involved in creation ministry for over 30 years. He has authored numerous articles and several books–his first book, What About Origins?, was published in 1978. He has spoken at hundreds of venues, ranging from churches to village halls to universities.

Although Monty considered joining AiG a couple of years ago, things did not work out–basically because his university would not let him take early retirement. Since then many have prayed about the future direction of AiG ministry in the UK and provision of staff so the ministry can happen.

Answer to prayer!

When Ken Ham visited the UK last Spring, he stayed with Monty and Irene in Cardiff. Ken asked Monty to join AiG saying, 'When are you going to give up your job at the university and work for us full time, helping to stop people going to hell–now how can you refuse an offer like that?' (Indeed how could he?)

Monty said he would love to do so, but the university would not release him. With prayer being offered to the Almighty by those who were aware of Ken's invitation, Monty again approached his university, and within a couple of weeks got the approval to leave at the end of August! This was a real answer to prayer.

Challenges ahead – Please pray!

The appointment of Monty as our Chief Executive is an exciting development in the ministry of AiG. Monty says that he looks forward under God's guidance to the challenge of leading AiG in the 21st century.

He also asks for your support prayers, especially regarding the sale of his house in Cardiff and the purchase of a new one in Leicester–all this preferably before 1st September!

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Witness to witches

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Cornwall is a little town called Boscastle, on the Atlantic coast adjacent to Tintagell.

The ancient harbour is surrounded by old houses, the most picturesque being 'The Harbour Light', easily identifiable by its thick white washed stone and sagging ancient roof. 'The Harbour Light' is a quality gift shop managed by Sue Uglow, a subscriber to Creation Magazine.

Sue's keen interest in the work of AiG has lead her to stock many of our tracts, including Stones & Bones and Is there Really a God? Each summer, many non-Christians show an interest in these and purchase copies.

The special importance of Sue's Harbour Light is that it is opposite to Boscastle's 'Witches Museum', which is Europe's largest collection of artefacts to do with witchcraft. The museum has been featured in BBC documentaries.

Sue says that some people, especially children, come into her shop very disturbed after visiting the museum, and she is able to help in some small way.

Isn't it wonderful that God has placed His saving light right where it is most needed. Do pray for the work Sue is doing and pop in to visit if you are in the area!

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Dr James Kennedy endorses AiG

Dr J. Kennedy, President of Evangelism Explosion International, senior minister of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, and well known for his TV and radio ministry, endorses Answers in Genesis ministries as follows:

'Evolutionists have encountered no more formidable enemy–nor Christians no more helpful ally–than both find in the Bible-upholding ministry of Answers in Genesis.'

–D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

Fort Lauderdale, USA

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'Thank you for your work which brings glory to God and challenges and rebukes the devil's lie so accurately and powerfully. Praise God that the sharpness of His Word is cutting through the darkness of our time. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Please find enclosed a gift subscription for Creation magazine.'

– Pauline and Gus, London

'Since I started reading the literature just over two years ago, I have learned a great deal about Genesis and many questions have been answered. I always believed in six-day creation. However, like many people, I managed to keep my faith and the science I studied in two separate channels. This is illogical, but if you don't look too closely, you don't see that. Your publications challenged me to take that look and to conclude that 'creation is a logically defensible position'.

'Having studied agriculture at Queens University, Belfast, I am keen to set up a mobile bookshop to go round the agricultural shows here in the province. I would be grateful to hear [via the AiG office–Ed.] from anyone else doing something similar.'

–Stephen, Lurgan

'My husband, Bill, was at the factory yesterday and one of the lads asked, 'Well, where do all the races come from? Surely you can't believe they came from one man and one woman.' Bill has taken to having a few of your booklets in his pocket and out came Where Did the Races Come From? His colleague couldn't believe it! It opened up a good conversation. Praise the Lord.'

–Helen, Leicester

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Did our son evolve?

On a radio talk show recently, a caller, in a very authoritative voice, told me that scientists had 'proof' of evolution happening before our very eyes.

He referred to a U.S. News and World Report article (January 24, 2000) which, in the context of the usual way that the media propagandize evolution, commented on research conducted by scientists that showed an increase in wing length of the offspring of certain fruit flies.

'If the wings of the offspring are longer than those of the parents, this is great evidence for evolution,' the caller declared.

I thought for a moment, and replied, 'Sir, my wife is 160 cm high, and I'm about 180 cm. We have a son who is 190 cm. Does that mean he has evolved?'

The few moments of silence were deafening – then the caller chuckled as he realized his mistake. You see, if people would only think carefully about some of this propaganda the media pours out to indoctrinate the public in evolutionary humanism, they would realize you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see how bankrupt evolution really is.

I smiled as I read a letter to the editor in the February 28 issue of US News and World Report, which was in response to the January 24 fruit fly article:

'I was so glad to find that a 4 % larger fruit-fly wing proves evolution. I wear size 15 shoes. No one in the family even comes close. I am obviously an advanced species! Thank you, Darwin!'

The reason our son is taller than both his parents is mostly because he happened to inherit a particular set of genes (information that already existed) that gave the instructions for a certain amount of tallness.1 This is nothing whatsoever to do with evolution.

A similar situation would probably explain the fruit flies with slightly large wings. They inherited previously existing information that gave the instructions for a certain wing length.

In fact, evolutionists can argue over the interpretation of certain fossils and supposed transitional forms; they can argue about some rare 'beneficial' mutations; they can try to insist that the changes observed in living things (like changes in dogs, for instance) show evolution; but the bottom line is this: for molecules-to-man evolution to occur, the information systems of life have to somehow be generated from matter, and then over the years, millions of pieces of new information must be generated from matter to produce the new characteristics (e.g., feathers in birds) as new kinds supposedly emerge.

But Dr Werner Gitt, a German information scientist, has shown in his book In the Beginning was Information that no one has as yet observed even one instance of matter by itelf generating information. Yet evolution requires this to have occurred millions and millions of times!

Also, Dr Lee Spetner (who was a Fellow at Johns Hopkins University), in his book Not By Chance has shown that mutations (i.e. copying mistakes in genes, and the only mechanism proposed by informed evolutionists for generating really new information), only reduce information.2

Sadly, because most people have not heard the truth about these matters, they are easily duped by the evolutionists who have the ear of the secular media. For instance, a Kentucky newspaper, in December 1999, had the headline:

'Evolution education a matter of life, death'

The article, written by an associate professor of biology at the University of Kentucky, claimed that if students weren't taught evolution, 'soon this could be partly to blame for human suffering, and even death'.

Why such an outrageous statement? This professor, who should know better, tried to indoctrinate readers in the belief that the resistance of bacteria to antibiotics was due to evolution. Therefore, if people didn't believe in evolution, medical research would suffer: doctors and health officials wouldn't understand how to correctly handle the use of antibiotics.

We wrote a detailed letter to the paper (an abridged version was published) to communicate the truth to the public: antibiotic resistance has been studied, and scientists know it's due to either information that already exists in the bacterial DNA (or is transferred around), or mutations resulting in the loss of information (the very opposite of evolution) that actually enables bacteria to become resistant to certain antibiotics. Detailed information concerning this can be found on our website's Questions and Answers section at: <>.

At Answers in Genesis, in the U.K., as well as in the U.S.A., we are committed to disseminating information as efficiently and as quickly as possible. We want the public to know the truth about these matters and not be brainwashed by the humanist elite who basically control the education system and secular media.

This is one of the reasons why we include resource specials with each AiG Prayer News. A brand new catalogue, which lists our very latest books and videos, is now available.

  1. Leaving aside possible environmental factors like improved nutrition and control of childhood infections, which are thought to be a major reason why our children are generally taller than we were. Of course, not being heritable, these are not evolutionary factors, either.
  2. The occasional 'beneficial' mutation is not at issue, because sometimes a defect can give a survival advantage, even while losing information. E.g. a mutation which causes beetles to lose their wings is a 'downhill' change, but on a windy island, flying mostly leads to death by drowning!
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AiG Creation Museum land dedicated

The purchase of land for the Creation Museum and Family Discovery Centre in Kentucky, USA, has been finalised after the re-zoning was approved. Ken Ham and Dr John Whitcomb (co-author of The Genesis Flood) conducted a dedication ceremony on 17th June.

The 47 acres in Northern Kentucky (near Cincinnati Airport, a major hub) will be the home of the 5,000 square metre Creation Museum and Family Discovery Centre.

The museum will be a 'walk through history' of the Bible, starting at Genesis 1:1. Interactive displays, dioramas, and large exhibits already collected (e.g., 60 life-sized dinosaur models) will make the facility a major attraction in the region when it opens in the summer of 2002.

On an open day the Saturday before, 775 visitors had a sneak preview of some of the museum's future exhibits now on display at AiG's current facility.

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Bible not 'old fables'

Alex writes:

'I appreciate your great magazine. I would have become a Christian much sooner if a magazine like yours had been available when I was a teenager.

'Brought up and soaked in evolutionary theory in a modernist church, I reasoned out for myself that evolution could not possibly work. How could such great 'scientists' believe in it when it was observable in the field that a lot of their ideas were not so?

'I did not believe in God either, but sincerely prayed that, 'If there was a God, would He show me whether the Bible was true, and not old fables, as I had been taught.'

My prayers were answered from then on. In one month, 28 things happened pointing to the truth of God's Word. I was convinced and convicted, then converted.

'I believe the Bible totally and I am glad to see your magazine upholding it. The tragedy of unbelieving theologians from our theological 'cemeteries' is a disaster for the church. They will have to give an account of themselves to God one day.'

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