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April 2000

Sonia's Testimony
Ken Ham's British tour puts AiG 'on the map'!
Comments on BBC2 Newsnight programme
Seminar: Evolution or Creation? with Dr Andy McIntosh
New tax rules make your gifts go further!
Sliding into unbelief

Sonia's Testimony*

Speaking from an individualistic point of view, I don’t normally like being put into a category. Ken Ham almost succeeded in doing this in his book Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium. On pages 133—136 he describes my former self very accurately. The reason he ‘almost’ succeeded is because I was mostly category 5 and partly category 6.# Let me explain.

My mother was a category 3—4. She went to church once a week. She basically believed the Bible to be true (although did not read it, nor I suspect have any real understanding of it), and had the Christian ‘world view’ – no sex before marriage, no drugs, etc. Most people accept this view as ‘Christian’.

My father was not a Christian, so during my growing up I did not see how a Christian family life should be – where the children are taught from the Bible and have family prayer time, etc.


I suppose I was a typical ‘church kid’, who went once a week to Sunday school and heard Bible stories. I was confirmed at thirteen, because it was the thing to do and it made my mother happy. I also attended a ‘Christian’ school where I was taught evolution as fact in science. It was also generally accepted that we descended from apemen/cavemen in history.

I found it interesting that these Christian teachers had accepted evolution and could still believe the Bible. As far as I was concerned, I thought they were a bunch of hypocrites. It didn’t make much sense since even I could see that evolution and the Creation of the world as written in Genesis could not possibly be compatible.

I didn’t realise it then, but these teachings, along with the subtle evolutionary teachings from TV documentaries, museum displays, newspapers, and magazines like National Geographic and World (the children’s version) – and I’m sure there were many other sources – all played a major influence on my view of the world and how I should live in it.

The message of Jesus made no sense to me because, as far as I was concerned, ‘sinners’ were murderers in gaol and I was not one of them. I realise now that the reason I didn’t understand is because I had no foundation. Sin was whatever I wanted it to be, since I had no clear description or definition of it.

Genesis myth: no clear idea of sin

The reason I didn’t have a clear definition is because I was told that Genesis was myth – that the people back in ‘those days’ were not intelligent enough to understand the creation of the world, so God had to tell them in a way that they would understand. When I questioned my mother about the days of creation, she told me that they represented millions of years.

Basically I was being told that Genesis (particularly the first 11 chapters) was a big fairy story and not historical fact. This was further impacted by the millions of years, cavemen/apemen influences from school and other areas. This led me to believe that the Bible was a big lie. If God couldn’t tell the truth from the beginning, then when did He start?

Life ‘seemed futile’

Later on, I concluded that people had made God up as a crutch. The reason they needed this crutch was because, as far as I could see, this life led nowhere.

We are born, we live a short finite time and then we die – no before-life, no after-life. To me it seemed futile and purposeless. So I figured that the Bible was man’s way of coping with this dilemma. Surely, if we were made from some primordial soup, God didn’t exist.

Once I had rejected the Bible and its ‘Laws’, I became rebellious. This led to smoking, drinking, drugs, and worse. All this was ‘normal’ existence by today’s standards. The only problem would have been if the police caught me.

Quite frankly, I couldn’t understand why the law of the land didn’t permit all these practices. Surely the law was old and outdated and not keeping up with the times. To me, the rules were all relative. As long as I didn’t hurt anyone else, I didn’t care what I did. As far as I was concerned, I had the right to do whatever I wanted, since it was my own body. What I didn’t realise was that I don’t actually own it, God does!

Sadness and hopelessness

Eventually I left my slovenly lifestyle and became career orientated. This was after realising that, even though this life was purposeless, I might as well do something with it while I was here. Also, I saw so much sadness, violence and hopelessness in the people I lived with and hung out with, that I realised I didn’t want to be like them in ten or so years’ time.

At this stage of my life, I did have one or two ‘Christian’ friends. From my church and school background I did have some knowledge of how a Christian should behave, but these friends took Christ’s grace for granted. They got drunk on a regular basis, wore revealing clothing, etc. They talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk!

As I look back, I believe that these friends were not Christians, but were happy to be called such and hang out with their youth group friends. They didn’t realise the immensity of assuming the title of ‘Christ’s ones’. Their behaviour was not a good witness to me. I thought all Christians behaved like these hypocrites.

When I met Darren, a Christian, this view was radically changed. At first I didn’t know he was a Christian, but it soon became clear that he was – after an incident at work. I was walking through the laboratory one day and an enthusiastic ‘Bible basher’ was talking to someone about Jesus.

‘This guy is a fruit-loop’

Just imagine my scornful, belittling view of this person. To me, it was quite obvious that he didn’t have a brain, if he subscribed to that rubbish, and I said as much. What I didn’t realise was that by even talking to this guy I had opened up the door for him to attempt to convert me! I said to Darren, ‘This guy is a fruit-loop. Keep him away from me.’ Darren told me that he just had a different perspective on things than I did.

Darren then started to talk to me about animals, plants, the universe, etc. He used to memorise articles from Creation magazine or photocopy long ones and bring them to me the next day. He would share the information and then tell me how the various things must have been made by a Creator. Darren witnessed faithfully to me for about two-and-a-half to three years before I became a Christian! Often I would ask a question that he couldn’t answer, and he would tell me that he would try and find out. Sure enough, he would have the answer for me the next day.

Changing foundations

The process was interesting in that once I realised that Creation could have happened – thereby removing my evolutionary foundation and replacing it with the Creation foundation, I then found it easy to accept the entire Gospel message. This did not happen overnight, as I was thoroughly indoctrinated with evolutionary ideology and had already rejected the Bible.

Many Christians consider that the Gospel is solely Jesus’ death and resurrection and nothing else, but it is not. It is far broader, as the Gospel begins right in the first chapters of Genesis, as Paul proclaims in 1 Corinthians 15:21-22.

As a matter of interest, the last Gospel reference is in Revelation 22:17 where, concerning entrance to the heavenly city, there is the invitation to ‘him who is thirsty’ to ‘come ... and take of the water of life freely’.

If you preach Jesus’ death and resurrection alone, it is like watching only the climax of a movie, missing the beginning (therefore having no foundation and understanding) and missing the end, so you don’t know exactly how it finishes. It is an incomplete account. All you can do is guess or accept someone else’s view. You don’t know the truth. If you dismiss any of it as ‘side issues’ or ‘red herrings’, then you are not obeying the command in 1 Peter 3:15.

Shocked by church

It was God’s grace in using the information from Darren, which destroyed my faith in evolution and allowed me to see, for the first time, the power of the Creator God as shown in Genesis, that brought me to commitment in Christ. What then shocked me was to find the church full of people who claimed to accept the Bible as written, but who rejected the Genesis account of Creation. They preferred the views of men who don’t know everything, who continually make mistakes, and who weren’t there, to God’s infallible Word.



* Sonia has an Associate Diploma in chemistry.

# In Ken Ham’s book Creation Evangelism for the New Millennium, his category 5 people have no solution to guilt because they don’t understand sin; category 6 people reject the God of the Bible, are anti-Christian in philosophy, and so have no standards of right and wrong; category 3-4 people are ‘culturally Christian’ in their values, even go to church, but they accept evolution and its long ages.

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Ken Ham's British tour puts AiG 'on the map'!

The response to Ken Ham’s speaking tour of England and Wales, March 17-26, has been exceptional reports Graham Scott,

E-mails and phone calls have poured into the Leicester office from people encouraged by the ministry (see separate letters section on next page).

BBC2 ‘Debate’

A live TV ‘debate’ on BBC television (March 17) was watched by millions, and greatly boosted the attendance at the AiG meetings that followed. Additional media coverage followed, including a major March 26 story in the London newspaper, The Independent. A summary of that lengthy, very biased article is on the AiG website.

In the BBC TV ‘debate’, Ken was the lone creationist, in a remote studio (called the ‘broom cupboard’, because that was its size!) in Cardiff, while three evolutionists in the London BBC studios opposed him. Many people prayed for Ken during this program. We were inundated with responses from people across the nation after it was broadcast.

The most vocal of the evolutionists, Professor Steve Jones, called Ken ‘stupid’ and a teller of lies. Author of a very popular pro-evolutionary book Almost Like a Whale — the Origin of Species Updated, he came across to many viewers as ‘arrogant’.

When asked by Ken to provide specific evidence for evolution, Professor Jones replied, ‘Salmon speciation’. Ken pointed out that the salmon were still salmon, and would continue to produce only salmon, and that for macro-evolution to occur, new information would need to have been added to a creature’s genetic makeup.

Interestingly, in Prof. Jones’ book he said that the best proof of evolution –which is supposed to be progressive and upward – that we can see today is the AIDS virus! (The AIDS virus does vary due to mutations, but the mutations do not add new genetic information and so the AIDS virus is still an AIDS virus.)

Packed meeting at Cardiff Uni

At Cardiff University, an overflow crowd squashed into the auditorium, filling all seats and available floor space. After the lecture, students crowded around Ken, asking many questions. The most common comment was, ‘We’ve never heard answers like this before.’

At the all-day public seminar the next day, one student who had attended the university meeting the night before said he came to the seminar because he had never before heard Christians give answers that explained the world. He said he was very challenged, and would continue to research this topic and start to read the Bible. We sent him a book to explain the Gospel in more detail. (By the way, as we travelled to this seminar, we passed one church that had been converted into a mosque, and one that was now a shopping centre – typical of what has happened all across the UK.)

Another student at the Cardiff meeting told how her friend was interested in what Ken had to say, but before she would consider this matter seriously, she wanted to know ‘Where did Cain get his wife?’ Ken gave her our booklet on this issue.

Leicester crowd ‘Overwhelming’

In Leicester, the crowd was overwhelming. People filled the seats, sat on any available floor space, filled the room and hallway at the back of the church, the room upstairs, the lobby, and then the steps – anywhere they could hear the lectures.

In the break between the two lectures, a reporter from the BBC interviewed Ken for a radio programme.

At the end of the programme, a man told Ken that he came as an atheist, but realised he could not be one any longer. He instructed his wife to purchase our books and said he would read them with interest. He said the evening had given him a ‘kick start’ to becoming a Christian. We arranged for him to be visited by a local minister and sent him a book explaining the Gospel.

The all-Saturday seminar sponsored by All Souls Anglican Church in the centre of London, saw a large auditorium filled with people eager to learn. This meeting was sponsored by one of the most influential Anglican Churches in England.

One of their clergy emailed to say: ‘As you can imagine, with 3000 people every Sunday coming to All Souls it was brilliant to be able to offer this study day. We have already had some excellent feedback. We have been deluged with requests for the tape.’

Conversion testimonies

One man told how he had become a Christian after hearing Ken speak in Leicester last year. Another man said he became a Christian a couple of years ago after watching our videos.

In London, Ken spoke to a Christian-sponsored group at one of the facilities of the Metropolitan Police. One of those who attended was an Inspector from Scotland yard. He is in charge of a section dealing with ‘race’ issues. Part of his job is to go to the black community (including black churches) and try to build up public relations and help solve racism issues. He was astounded at what Ken had to say about the origin of ‘races’. He said he was only a relatively new Christian and thought one could believe in evolution and the Bible.

He now realised he had to accept Genesis as written. He took materials and said he wanted Ken’s One Blood book. He stated that this material would now change the way he approached the ‘race’ issue and would be used in his talks to the black community. He was very excited.

Dr. Andy McIntosh, a professor at the University of Leeds, and a creationist, declared at the end of the AiG speaking tour that the widespread media coverage, well-attended lectures (many of them to overflow audiences), and especially the BBC TV debate, were some of the most important events in the history of the evangelical church in England in recent times.

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Comments on BBC2 Newsnight programme

‘I am a scientist, but one who firmly believes in Genesis 1. I watched the program on BBC2 on Friday night and initially was quite concerned, as arrayed against Ken were three professors, all evolutionists and very self-opinionated. As the program developed, it was plain that Ken’s conviction was winning through. The most telling comment was at the end when the interviewer indicated that he felt that the three to one advantage numerically was outweighed by the conviction of the faith of Ken.’

–Jim, Scotland

‘Thank you to brother Ken for his calm and clear approach to the interview last Friday (17/3/00). We were praying for you and believe you gave the viewers food for thought. It helped my congregation see how marginalised Biblical beliefs are in our society. Praise God for AiG. God bless you.

 – David, Portsmouth.

‘The report was incredibly biased and poorly researched. I almost threw something at the TV when the reporter claimed that "Creationists disregard the fossil evidence"! The discussion was interesting and Ken did his usual impeccable job of refuting the "evidence" offered by the so-called "scientists". It is a shame that he was not given the right of reply on one or two occasions, but he quite clearly came across as the most reasonable of the four interviewees…. Sadly, the BBC’s evolutionary bias was all too evident, but well done Ken!’

  • Nick (UK, via email)

Reaching the lost through creation evangelism

‘I am a full-time Christian worker with the Open-Air Mission in London. We have had many conversations with folk who bring up the subject of evolution. The literature that you produce has proved a real blessing in the lives of many we meet.’

–Keith, London.

‘Please would you send me your catalogue, as I realize, after having just read Creation Evangelism for the New Millenium, how much I need answers to the questions mentioned in it – firstly for myself, and then to share with others in the evangelism work I am engaged in.’

–Derek, Cornwall.


DR Tas Walker from Australia will be here October 1-15. Tas has degrees in engineering and geology and is AiG’s main writer on flood geology issues.

DR David Menton will be here November 1-15. A Professor of Anatomy at Washington University, St Louis, he communicates the truths of Genesis effectively to many age ranges and brings a new element to AiG seminars.

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Seminar: Evolution or Creation? with Dr Andy McIntosh

(Reader in Combustion Theory at Leeds University and author of Genesis for Today)

At St Neots Evangelical Church, Cambridge St, St Neots, Cambs

Sat. May 6, 2000

3.30pm Man or Monkey? (For older children and young teenagers)

5.00pm Why Genesis Matters

6pm Tea (byo), drinks provided

7pm Scientific Evidence for a Created  World + Question time

  • Free admission
  • Bookstall of creation literature
  • Supervised creche throughout
  • Details Alan Folkes 01480 386106

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New tax rules make your gifts go further!

The Chancellor in his March budget introduced new rules governing tax relief on charitable giving.

The changes are very advantageous as they allow us to reclaim tax on the majority of donations, whereas previously we were restricted to payments made under deeds of covenant or gift aid payments over 250.

From April 2000, we will be able to reclaim tax on any donation, whether large or small, regular or one-off, providing a Gift Aid Declaration form is signed. You will be able to sign the Gift Aid Declaration, if you pay sufficient tax. Normal and higher rate taxpayers will all qualify under this rule. We will be adding a simple ‘Gift Aid Declaration box’ on to our forms to make the new rules very easy to operate.

For our supporters with existing deeds of covenant, there will be no changes to the way you give under this scheme. However, after April 5, there is no need to enter into a deed of covenant, as all donations are covered by the new Gift Aid scheme. A once off ‘Gift Aid Declaration’ (obtainable from us) should be signed and this will cover all future declarations.

Please ring us if you have any questions on the new rules.

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Sliding into unbelief

Why would an evangelist, once more successful than Billy Graham, publicly reject the Bible and Christianity? The answer’s in Genesis – we tell you all about it in the June-August 2000 issue of Creation magazine.

Also in this coming issue:

  •  Wholphins...Ligers...Zonkeys Sensational mixed-up animals – what do they tell us about the Bible’s created kinds?
  • Reshaping people. A pioneering plastic surgeon tells of his work in relation to the Genesis curse.
  • Animal, vegetable, or...what? The baffling creatures that live apart, then all fuse to form one ‘super-organism’.
  • Dragons described by 7th-century church theologian could be dinosaurs!
  • God’s astronomers. William Herschel (founder of modern astronomy) his sister and his son (also astronomers), all believed the Bible, and saw great order in the universe.
  • And much, much more, including 4-page children’s section.
  • 12.95 for four 56-page, full-colour issues.
  • Subscribe now through the post. or you can do so on our transaction-secure website.