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Bulgarian booklets back-up AiG’s message

by Dr A.J. Monty White, AiG–UK/Europe

First published in:
Prayer News
July–Sept. 2003

‘Knowing the past and the culture of our people and the atheism we were brought up in, we can really see how everybody was taught in terms of evolution. So this ministry is a great help to the church here. Thank you.’

This was the reaction from the pastor of a large church in Varna, on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. It was typical of many received during my recent twelve-day tour there, involving ten different venues and a radio interview. It was encouraging to see so many people, including students, travelling to the meetings from all over the country.

Evolutionary indoctrination in Bulgaria assisted the communists in transforming this nation into an atheistic state, giving people no hope in this life or the next. This ‘hopeless’ teaching is having the same dreadful effect here in the UK, and in many other parts of the world.

However, when the frauds of evolutionary teaching were exposed, and the scientific evidence portrayed from a biblical point of view, they just wanted to know more about the God of the Bible—they saw the matter as being very ‘clear-cut’. It was a joy to see people turning to the Lord for salvation, and seeing Christians equipped to speak up for the Lord.

As well as ministering in churches, I also had the privilege of speaking at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. This message was received so well, that some of the academicians attended an evening church meeting to hear more!

It was exciting that four AiG booklets had been translated into Bulgarian for this trip. AiG is very grateful to all those involved in this venture, particularly Darin Ivanov, who arranged for the printing and distribution.

Darin was also my highly capable interpreter. These booklets were eagerly devoured by all when given them at the lecture’s end. Some held them to their breasts, thanking God for such literature; others were moved to tears. Amazingly, even a non-Christian headmaster at one of the meetings took some of the booklets so that he could introduce creation teaching in his school!

Please pray for this nation—for revival and for protection from the influence of sects, and all that is bad from our western culture.

We are planning another trip to Bulgaria next May, so we are currently working on translating and printing two more booklets, as well as Stones and Bones. If you would like to help with the financing of this trip and/or the printing of this literature, please mark your gifts ‘European Ministry.’ Thank you.