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Exciting European Evangelism

By Dr Monty White, AiG–UK

19 October 2002

Change in the Czech Republic

I had imagined that the Czech Republic was a dark and bleak place. We’ve all heard tales of the restrictive regime that gripped Czechoslovakia for so many years—the eerie unkempt government-owned buildings used by the communist regime to indoctrinate young people with their atheistic and evolutionary Marxist philosophy. However, there has been a transformation. In the beautiful countryside, one of these same buildings near Cerna Hora, south-east of Prague, is now owned by a Christian group. It was filled with over 170 people keen to hear the wonderful truths of the Scriptures.

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Vlada, my host and translator, had converted my overhead transparencies into Czech. Many pastors attended the Conference and Vlada was excited that my message on the relevance of Genesis to Salvation and the real world, impacted them all, overturning their ‘millions of years’ beliefs.

After each message in the towns of Blansko, Zlin and Brno, there were hectic question times on radio-carbon dating, Cain’s wife, dinosaurs, etc. Their atheistic state education system has created the same spiritual vacuum as in our own country and their needs are the same. Many, many people thanked me that I showed them the Bible can be trusted and that it does make sense of the evidence.

Invitation to a secular university

Amazingly, I was also invited to give a lecture at a University in Brno. A small group of lecturers and researchers heard why I believe in Creation. This was the first time a creationist had lectured at the Institute. The Director and his staff were acutely interested to hear any reasons for not believing in evolution. Surprised that I began and ended my lecture with the Bible and was able to show flaws in evolutionary arguments, the Director admitted publicly that, although he still believed in the evolution of species, he could not believe that evolution accounts for the ‘big picture’ such as the origin of life and the universe, etc., and that there must be a supernatural explanation! Wow, if only evolutionary scientists in the UK could be so fair-minded and listen to the evidence!

It was thrilling to meet people who were willing to lay aside decades of atheistic, evolutionary indoctrination and accept what the Bible teaches about Creation. They have endured so much and yet have so much respect for God and for His revealed Word, the Bible.

Battling in Bulgaria

Bulgaria was something of a culture shock for Irene and me. The country is so poor and many only earn about 35p an hour. Some work on the land, where they still till the soil and gather their crops by hand. And this is not for wages— they survive off their crops. They have none of the trappings of the wealth of the UK to add comfort to their lives. However, what the Christians lacked in material possessions, they certainly made up for in spiritual wealth and kindness. This was despite the many years of oppression they have suffered—for centuries under the Turks and, more recently, under communism. As in the UK, evolutionary indoctrination has led to atheistic beliefs. It has robbed them of their Christian heritage. This should be a warning to us all in the ‘comfortable’ West. The creation message was well received in the towns of Borovo, Silistra, Razgrad, Rousse and Lovech. After I had given a talk in Lovech one young woman came up and said, ‘That was great. I had no idea your talk would be that interesting. I had thought, “Oh, no, not boring science!”, but it was nothing like that. I really regret not bringing my school friends along. Please come back again so that I can bring my school friends to hear you— if they learn that evolution isn’t true then I will be able to talk to them about the Gospel.’

It was wonderful to see first hand how the relevance of our message impacts lives. Lives have been changed as a result of this visit. Please join with me in praying for these people and for resources, so that we can back up our ministry with translated materials, to help them grow and reach out into their own community. This costs a lot of money. AiG has been invited back next year for a further series of meetings in both countries and also in Hungary. We thank God for these tremendous opportunities.

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