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New Beginnings

Praise (and prayer needed) for our growing UK office

By Dr A. J. Monty White, Chief Executive, AiG–UK/Europe

Spring is the time of new beginnings. After the bleakness of the long and cold winter months, our hearts cheer at the signs of new life as the various spring flowers push through the bare hard earth. Our hope is somehow renewed as we see, before our very eyes, the evidence of God’s promise and the obedience of His creation to fulfill His command to reproduce after their own kind. Some six thousand years after our great God spoke this world into existence, we can only praise His awesomeness, and wonder at what an amazing God and heavenly Father we have.

This Spring is also a time of new beginnings for AiG in UK/Europe. It is almost five years since we moved into our present Headquarters in Leicester. We have often thanked the Lord, with truly grateful hearts, for the way He provided the building we currently rent, which comprises both office space and warehouse facilities. However, in those few years, the ministry has flourished and grown at an amazing rate—we give the Lord the glory for all of this. But, this now means that we have just about outgrown our current premises and it is time for us to look for other facilities.

It is always exciting when you see the Lord’s hand at work. He brought AiG into existence here in the UK, and He has provided many opportunities to minister to people and reach them with His truths both regarding Creation as well as Salvation. He has also caused more and more to be blessed by this ministry, and in turn we have been blessed with giving, prayer support, and willingness of our supporters to reach out with AiG materials. Please rejoice with us that these blessings are the cause of the decisions that now face us—that of our finding a new home.

We have over 135,000 books stored in our warehouse, as well as countless audio and video cassettes, DVD’s, magazines and other materials. We have utilized the storage capacity as much as is possible. This is barely three months stock holding. This gives some idea of the need that this ministry is meeting.

We have recently appointed two new staff members and it will be difficult to squeeze in anyone else. Our lease expires in December 2004, and then we will have to find somewhere else. Imagine the the process involved in relocating an enterprise such as our AiG Headquarters while still functioning—dispatching people’s book orders etc., handling questions and enquiries, as well as fulfilling our busy speaking schedule.

Please join with us in prayer that the Lord will clearly show us where our new premises should be. We believe that Leicester is the right area for this for many reasons—the main being its central location with a good motorway system nearby.

It is exciting to be faced with planning for a new beginning, and yet quite a challenge for us to exhibit faith and trust that the Lord will supply this very real need. Please rejoice with us that the work and witness of Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe) is now firmly established in the UK and that it is for God’s glory alone.