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June 28, 2014

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Q: Does pre-Fall death skew one’s view of Christ's return?

A: Our confidence in Godís promise to prepare a better place in the future depends on a better place having existed before Adamís sin. At Christís return, He will complete His work of redemption. Several verses teach that He will “restore” and “redeem” all things to a similar but even better state than the pre-Fall world. Sin will be no more.

Regardless of our differences regarding the correct interpretation of Isaiah 11:6Ė9, the principle expressed there strongly implies that, when Christ restores the creation, animals will no longer eat each other. Human disease, suffering, and death will cease because the Curse will be no more. The Curse came upon creation at Adamís Fall and will be removed when the Last Adam consummates history.

The idea of millions of years of death contradicts the Bibleís teaching about the nature of the pre-Fall creation and the present world. It also assaults the character of God. And it undermines the certain hope the Bible gives of Christís future redemptive work.

Read the whole article and get better equipped to defend the authority of Scripture by seeing how the death of animals before the fall was not “good.”

Get Equipped

Get EquippedThe Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years

Originally published in 1987, The Lie took a bold stand which became prophetic by warning the church about the destructive effects of compromise with evolutionary/millions-of-years ideas. Today, Christians increasingly doubt the Bibleís reliability. So then do those who are considering placing their faith in the Creator.

Biblically Based Grand Canyon Rim Tours

Canyon Ministries is now providing land-based rim tours of the Grand Canyon along its South Rim. It will provide you with a Bible-based presentation of the geology of the Canyon and how it confirms the Bible’s account of a global Flood and belief in a young earth.

News to Know Quick Look

Jaw–Dropping Discovery in the Burgess Shale: Evolutionary researchers have discovered a fossil they “predicted” but fail to mention that their models do not explain the presence of fish in the Cambrian rock. They really just have just an interesting fish, not the first step on the path to jaws.

UK State–Funded Schools Ban All Teaching of Creation Science: The government of the United Kingdom tightened restrictions concerning what can be taught in any school that receives state–funding. The wording of the new regulations will not only stifle academic freedom but effectively define the religion that must be taught.

Diamond with Ringwoodite Reveals Water Deep in Earthís Mantle: The earthís mantle apparently harbors a watery zone able to hold an ocean of water. Analysis of a diamond from deep in the earth serendipitously revealed this though water-containing ringwoodite.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers with Ken Ham radio program

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Answers Conversation podcast

This week Steve Ham talks with Dr. Andy McIntosh to answer the question, “Why Must We Have Confidence in God’s Word over Manís Word?

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Video On Demand
The Flood: The Big Picture of Its Mechanism and Resulting Evidences Part 4
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Blog Highlights

Pray for AiG

Pray for all the churches using the Answers VBS curriculum this summer that they would be impacting their local areas with solid, Biblical teaching.


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