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June 21, 2014

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Q: Why do secularists even care about what we have to say?

A: In response to the atheistic, evolutionary Cosmos TV series, we have published detailed reviews to expose their lies of evolution and millions of years. As our reviews spread around the world, it seems the secularists’ cannot stand the fact that we would even dare to question and expose their biased-filled conclusions for what they are.

But when considering their response to these reviews, why do they even care about what we have to say? Their naturalistic worldview is ultimately meaningless. According to their beliefs, we live and die and that is all there is. Why is it important to spread this message of hopelessness?

We need to always remember that this is a spiritual battle: those who reject God’s Word do not want to submit to an almighty Creator. Instead, they want to be their own god and set their own rules. They have “exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever” (Romans 1:25). But Christians have a message of hope in Christ and that is the ultimate purpose of these Cosmos reviews—to spread the gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Read the whole article and get equipped to engage the secularists’ naturalistic worldview with the truth of God’s Word.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedEvolution vs. God DVD

If you believe in Darwinian evolution, prepare to have your faith painfully shattered. If you believe in biblical creation, your faith will be wonderfully affirmed!

Help rescue the souls of your friends and loved ones. Expose the religion of atheistic evolution!

News to Know Quick Look

Did Human Men Evolve to Take a Punch? The image of an ape punching another ape and giving his head a spin as he ponders the virtue of evolving a flatter jaw is funny, but there is a danger to this cute story.

Dinosaurs May Have Been Neither Warm– Nor Cold–Blooded: Were dinosaurs cold-blooded or warm-blooded? Debate has raged for decades. The latest answer: neither. They were probably in between.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers with Ken Ham radio program

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Answers Conversation podcast

This week Steve Ham talks with Dr. Tommy Mitchel to answer the question, “What Does It Mean that Man Is Created in the Image of God?

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Video On Demand
The Flood: The Big Picture of Its Mechanism and Resulting Evidences Part 3
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Pray for AiG

Pray for the Ark Encounter, that a crucial permit will be processed and approved in a timely matter so the next stage of work may begin.


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