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June 7, 2014

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Q: Are microbes simple or complex?

A: The DNA code common to all living things is not quite as uniform as previously thought. Evolutionists have seen the uniformity of the genetic code as evidence for their claim that all life evolved from a common ancestor. But there is more “babel”-like variety in microbial genomes than anyone ever suspected.

While evolutionary thinking would expect to find primitive simplicity in microbes, these DNA code variations represent a level of complexity that defies evolutionary expectations.

Institute for Creation Research geneticist Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins, who recently reported on how the complexity and diversity of molecular motors violates evolutionary expectations, says, “It only complicates the picture for the evolutionist and makes the schema of microbial life more complex. Single celled organisms are once again defying the simple-to-complex inferred evolutionary pattern of life.”

Read the entire article for a look into our DNA, “microbial dark matter,” and more amazing things God designed for our welfare.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedThe Code of Life

The letters DNA have become a part of everyday language—in the media, schools, churches, and homes. DNA exists in the cells of all living organisms and contains an incalculable amount of information necessary for life. The origin of such diversity and variability could only be the God of the Bible!

News to Know Quick Look

Stop-or-Go DNA Codes Reveal Rampant Rule–Breaking in the Language of Life: A glimpse into nature’s looking glass—to find the genetic code is reassigned.

Did Humans Evolve Big Brains by Evolving Weak Muscles? How different are humans from chimps, monkeys, and mice? On a biochemical level, that is. More different than an international team of evolutionary biologists had suspected!

After Eden

After Eden

Answers with Ken Ham radio program

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Answers Conversation podcast

Answering questions Bill Nye posed in the debate, this week Steve Ham talks with Dr. David DeWitt to answer the question, “What Do Fossil Skulls Suggest About Modern Humans?

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Video On Demand
The Flood—Big Picture,
Part 2

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Pray for AiG

Pray for the summer guests of the Creation Museum, that they may become better equiped to defend the Word of God and be challanged to look at God’s Word as truth.


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