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May 17, 2014

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Q: Can genetic engineers reenact ancient evolution in the laboratory?

A: Recent reports indicate that a research team has coaxed a bacterium to incorporate a bit of foreign language into its DNA. Though this foreign word means nothing to the bacterium as yet, writing a meaningful instruction using the two new letters is the next step. Once that hurdle is overcome, genetic engineers may rewire microbes to build biological products like pharmaceuticals and biofuels. In so doing they are capitalizing on God's great biological design seen in all life on earth.

But does this engineering demonstrate life from non-life? No, this research illustrates quite the contrary. Even if scientists were to invent a new genetic code and then manage to create synthetic analogues for all of life's processes, would that demonstrate abiogenesis? No it would not, because information would still be supplied, not randomly have come into existence on its own as molecules-to-man evolution would demand.

Read the whole article to learn more about our wise Creator’s intelligent designs for life.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedThe Code of Life DVD

Dr. Georgia Purdom dissects the evidence found in DNA for clues to its origin and finds that the processes touted by evolutionists are greatly embellished.

Creation Debate

Creation Debate

Conversations This Week

Explore the latest at creationdebate.org.

News to Know Quick Look

Broken Toes and Strained Hypotheses in Fractured Allosaurus Tale: Trace elements in theropod toe show bone-healing physiology is unchanged since dinosaurs walked the earth.

New Letters for Life’s DNA Alphabet Build on God’s Design: Can genetic engineers—by building a bacterium that speaks an unearthly tongue—reenact ancient evolution in the laboratory?

After Eden

After Eden

Answers with Ken Ham radio program

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Answers Conversation podcast

Answering questions Bill Nye posed in the debate, this week Steve Ham talks with Dr. Danny Faulkner to answer the question, “How May We Understand the Observable Expansion of the Universe?

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Video On Demand

Video On Demand
Noah’s Flood and
the Earth’s Age
Part 3

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Blog Highlights

Pray for AiG

Thank God for the launch of our new website. Pray that we would be able to share the truth of God’s Word with many more people through this improved site.


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