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May 3, 2014

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Q: Why was Eve created for Adam?

A: In the recently released book God and the Gay Christian, the author reinterprets why Eve in particular was created for Adam. He claims that God’s decision was based not on any sort of fixed definition of marriage, but rather on “sameness” of Adam and Eve. The author uses Godís process of bringing the animals to Adam to be named and Adamís failure to find a “helper comparable to him” among them (Genesis 2:20) as evidence for his case that sameness—rather than marriage in Godís design—is the focus.

However, the vast majority of Christians would agree that the best kind of companionship for a human is with another human and also that bestiality is sinful. God shows Adam through the naming process that there was no suitable helper for him among the animals. God gives Adam a human, female companion—who also fits the exact definition of marriage God provides in Genesis 2:24. And when we consider this against the whole of Scripture, Godís provision of a woman as a suitable helper for the man Adam is consistent with Scripture’s repeated warnings against same-sex and bestial relationships, and Christ’s affirmation of marriage as it was described in Genesis 2.

Learn more here in our review of this new bibically deviant book.

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War of the WorldviewsWar of the Worldviews

What do aliens, dinosaurs and gay marriage have in common? In this powerful book, you will find the connection, and the ammunition for the war: answers to some of the most common arguments for evolution, analysis of Christian compromise and a call for a return to true biblical authority.

Creation Debate

Creation Debate

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News to Know Quick Look

Simulating the Age of the Moon: Like the author of a whodunit, researchers searching for the moonís age have woven together clues from several stories to make an appealing one of their own, but like its predecessors it still resides in the category known as fiction.

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Answers Conversation podcast

This week Steve Ham talks with Terry Mortenson, PhD to answer a recent question, “Answering Bill Nye: How Did Animals Spread All over the World After the Flood?

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Noahís Flood and the Earthís Age,
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Praise for the launch this week of the Ark Encounter and pray for all involved as the project moves forward.


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