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April 19, 2014

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Q: Has the Nye/Ham debate changed anything?

Ken Ham says: Before the debate, reporters asked me if I hoped to convince Bill Nye of my position, and what I hoped would come out of the event. I responded that the greatest thing that could come out of the debate would be for discussions on the topic of origins to open up around the world, for right now, secularists have largely shut down discussions in the public arena. At least Mr. Nye agreed to have a public discussion about the topic of origins with me, whereas as people like evolutionist Richard Dawkins refuse to engage in such debates. They don’t want people to have the opportunity to critically analyze the issue. Dawkins and his ilk want their anti-God atheist religion forced on the public.

I believe this debate did and continues to spark interest across the world about the creation/evolution issue, and has opened the door for Christians to witness to their friends and family. I have also seen more Christians (including young people) becoming more bold for their faith!

Read the whole article to learn more how the Nye/Ham debate originated and how Ken Ham views the outcome.

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This week Steve Ham talks with Andrew Snelling, PhD to answer the question, “Would Animals and Plants Found in Unexpected Places in the Fossil Record Change an Evolutionist’s Mind?

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