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March 15, 2014

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Q: How may we promote scientific literacy?

A: Endeavoring to promote scientific literacy, the executive producer of Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey pins the blame of scientific illiteracy on groups that question evolution, and he hopes his astronomy series will put an end to this sort of anti-evolutionary thinking.

Interestingly, the host of the program states that scientific progress is made when searchers “follow the evidence wherever it leads, and question everything.” Certainly this method has led to the discoveries and technological leaps that shape our lives and our understanding of the universe. Unfortunately, when it comes to the topic of unobservable origins, mainstream scientists who believe big bang cosmology and molecules-to-man evolution think that the god-free framework they have invented is a factual reality that accurately and reliably describes a past they can never examine. They test their ideas about the past within their own concept of what the past was like, and they believe they are actually using the scientific method to make observations about the past.

We maintain that God our Creator was the only eyewitness to the time of origins and that He has given us the truth about how He created everything in His Word. He is the one that created the natural laws that govern the physical world and make science possible. Drawing correct conclusions about the unobservable past requires evaluating ideas about the past within the framework of the Creator's history. Drawing correct conclusions about our own nature, how we should live our lives, and what will happen to each of us when we die also requires that we get our information from the Word of the Source of life, the One who created the cosmos.

Read the whole article for a further analysis of this new Cosmos series, and check back each Tuesday for our review of that week’s episode.

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News to Know Quick Look

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Thirty Million Years Didn’t Really Change China’s Jurassic Park: China’s famous Cretaceous wonderland in Liaoning Province—the Jehol Biota—is apparently sitting atop a gold mine of similarly well-preserved Middle-Upper Jurassic fossils.

After Eden

After Eden

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This week Steve Ham talks with AiG staff researcher Lee Anderson to answer the question, “How Should We Understand the Goodness of Creation?

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