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November 23, 2013

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Q: Is evolutionism a word?

A: Why is it we often encounter the comparison of creationism vs. evolution but rarely creationism vs. evolutionism? Is there no such thing as the word evolutionism? Surprisingly, many English language dictionaries fail to define the word evolutionism and some don’t even list it as a word.

Why is there a seeming reluctance to admit the very existence of such a commonly used word as evolutionism? Most likely it involves the shade of meaning that the suffix -ism adds to the word evolution. When the -ism suffix is added to a word it forms complex nouns that often imply a system of belief or worldview, and this is what many evolutionists refuse to acknowledge about evolution. To put a point on it, evolutionists do not want you to associate belief with evolution.

But evolution is necessarily a belief because molecules-to-man evolution is not observable but rather must be inferred and believed. And evolution is a worldview since any belief system that purports to explain the origin of virtually everything that is real is a religion or worldview. Indeed for those who consistently hold the worldview of evolution, nothing can be elevated above evolution because everything that is real must ultimately be a product of evolution, including religion and even God if he is to be considered to be part of reality.

Read the whole article by Dr. David Menton to see how evolutionism is a widely held, essentially atheistic belief system that dare not speak its name.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedEvolution vs. God

What do scientists from top universities say when asked to give the most compelling evidence they can for Darwinian Evolution? This DVD contains some of today’s most explicit “proof” that evolutionism is a religious belief—and the evidence comes from interviews of several of Charles Darwin’s leading modern disciples!

News to Know Quick Look

Did Archaeopteryx Evolve Flight and Then Get Grounded? Archaeopteryx gets its walking papers at a Los Angeles conference.

Did Snakes Shape Our Brains? Grandma Primate, What good eyes you have! “The better to see snakes,” evolutionists suggest.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers . . . with Ken Ham radio program

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Answers Conversation podcast

This week Steve Ham talks with Tim Chaffey, content manager for the Ark Encounter, to answer the question, “What Are Some of the Common Questions People Have About the Ark Encounter?

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The Origin of Old-Earth Geology, Part 6
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