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October 26, 2013

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Q: Does belief in God violate operational science?

A: Critics of the Bible frequently ridicule the apparent lack of a physical source for the light God created on Day One of Creation Week. “Isn’t this a violation of operational science?” they ask. In fact, they would accuse us of simply accepting “myth over fact.”

While this is a frequently asked question, it also one that we have answered many times, yet the critics are evidently unwilling to consider the biblical answer. All that’s required for day and night is that the earth turns while receiving light from one direction. We are not saying the light that was created on Day One and continued to shine until Day Four didn’t have a source. Rather, we note that the source of the light for the first three days is not identified in the creation account of Genesis 1.

As to the larger criticism, the origin of the universe is not something that operational science can explain but enters into the realm of religious faith. This failure of operational science to explain the origin of the universe is just one limitation of science. More importantly, it underscores the fact that the universe had to have a metaphysical origin.

Read the whole article by Dr. Danny Faulkner to consider how the evolutionary view fails to follow operational science to explain the origin of the universe.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedScience Confirms the Bible DVD

Ken Ham tackles the biggest creation-evolution questions that he’s constantly asked by teens. Over a dozen “hot topics” are answered with the humor and intensity that has made this Australian-born educator one of the most-requested Christian speakers in America.

The Bible is true. Science confirms it, and with the help of this video, you and your teens will be better equipped to defend it!

News to Know Quick Look

Do Even-tempered Empathetic Bonobos Reflect Human Evolutionary History? Are empathetic bonobos our evolutionary soul-mates?

Did Our Ancestors Evolve Into Humans Feet First? Belief that bipedal locomotion was the key to human evolution gets flipped on its hands.

First Fossil Mosquito Found Filled with Blood: Not old enough for Jurassic Park, this mosquito likely filled up on North American bird blood long ago.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers . . . with Ken Ham radio program

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Answers Conversation podcast

This week Steve Ham talks with AiG staff scientists Drs. Georgia Purdom and Andrew Snelling to answer the question, “Why Is It Impossible to Understand Our World Without a Proper View of God and His Word?

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The Origin of Old-Earth Geology, Part 2
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Pray for AiG

Thank God for the recent donation to the Creation Museum of a fossilized allosaur skeleton.

Pray for the design of the exhibit to display this tremendous gift, and the funding to finish the project.


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