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May 11, 2013

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Q: Do students need to believe evolution to succeed in life?

A: The popular mantra claiming that “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution,” though easily refuted, is practically proverbial among evolutionary educators. So will our kids be unfit as the leaders of tomorrow if they don’t accept evolutionary dogma?

To illustrate how unnecessary it is for a student to actually believe evolution in order to be successful, one need look no farther than the local doctor’s office. For decades, evolutionists have attempted to get medical schools to implement evolutionary courses for medical students. Nevertheless, most medical doctors and most medical schools continue to consider evolution to be fairly irrelevant and useless to their practice. The objective facts of biology make perfect sense without any evolutionary overlay.

Of course, children should also not be sheltered from evolutionary claims but rather taught discernment. Genuine scientific truth will never violate biblical truth when properly understood. Parents need to teach their children what evolutionists claim.

Continue reading as AiG’s Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell addresses a recent article in Christianity Today about evolutionary homeschool curricula.

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News to Note Quick Look

Mountain mystery: Wind, not water, may have built the Martian Mount Sharp.

To question or not question: Are those who question evolution creating a missing link in Pennsylvania schools?

Evo-education for docs?: Could physicians be better doctors if they applied evolution to their practice of medicine?

Dino-color: Dinosaur skin sample may yield the secret of its color.

Religious freedom under fire in the military: Pentagon consults with activist who wants Christian military personnel prosecuted for sedition.

After Eden

After Eden

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