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March 23, 2013

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Q: Does placental death violate “no death before sin”?

A: Based on biblical history, there was no animal or human death before sin. Dr. Terry Mortenson has written an extensive article covering the biblical rationale for this belief and showing its relationship to the issue of the age of the earth.

As he explains, the Curse upon creation after Adam sinned brought death to all “living creatures” (Hebrew nephesh chayyah), a designation for people, animals, birds, and sea creatures. This curse did not apply to plants, as plants are not considered to be living beings (nowhere called nephesh in Scripture). Furthermore, according to Genesis 1:29–30, many plants were designed to be eaten.

A placenta is not a living creature. Its cells are designed to serve, and when their service is completed, they are simply disposed of. There is no living being or living thing—no nephesh—to die in the process.

Continue reading to learn more about the placenta’s essential but temporary function for life.

Get Equipped

Get EquippedFearfully & Wonderfully Made DVD

This illustrated talk by Dr. David Menton answers the question of when life begins from Scripture and biology. It also reveals the amazing and intricate design of the womb and the processes of fertilization, implantation, embryonic development, and birth itself.

News to Note Quick Look

Bees buzz: God’s perfect creation included caffeine. Now we know why.

Cambrian Cthulhu: Cambrian creepy crawly had legs on its head.

Higgs hurrah: CERN scientists just announced that they are reasonably certain the elusive Higgs boson discovered last July is really the particle they’ve been looking for.

Don’t give up on marriage: The “pro-marriage movement” is building a grassroots effort to show the public, our lawmakers, and our judges the importance of traditional marriage.

Epic absence: History slips, and God seems “away from His desk, asleep at the switch.”

After Eden

After Eden

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