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March 9, 2013

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Q: Did Judas die on the Cross?

A: According to the so-called “Gospel of Barnabas,” Jesus was taken to the third heaven by angels just before the soldiers and Judas arrived to arrest Him, and then the following event took place:

Judas entered impetuously before all into the chamber whence Jesus had been taken up. And the disciples were sleeping. Whereupon the wonderful God acted wonderfully, insomuch that Judas was so changed in speech and in face to be like Jesus that we believed him to be Jesus. . . And as he was saying this the soldiery entered, and laid their hands upon Judas, because he was in every way like to Jesus. (Gospel of Barnabas, 216)

There are several problems with this passage. It is readily apparent that the book is not an ancient document composed by the Apostle Barnabas. Instead, it is a sixteenth century forgery and was drafted to promote Islamic claims about the Bible and Jesus.

For example, the book repeatedly attempts to show that Muhammad is superior to Jesus, and it reflects an Islamic understanding of Jesus. Every quotation of the Old and New Testament in the GoB is from the Latin Vulgate (c. AD 400) and it even contains quotations of the Italian poet Dante (c. 1265–1321).

Find out more as Tim Chaffey, AiG–U.S., refutes this “mistaken identity” view and several other false ideas regarding Jesus Christ’s death and Resurrection.

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Get EquippedThe Authentic Christ DVD

Who is this Jesus? Madman? Con man? Son of God? The Authentic Christ takes a look at the evidence for Jesus Christ as a real figure of history and documents the historical accuracy of the Gospels—as well as studying the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies that pointed to the coming of Christ.

News to Note Quick Look

Monkey do: Bearded capuchin monkeys bash nuts with skill.

Birdsong and bird brains: Bird’s brain is no “birdbrain” but fine-tunes songs on-the-go.

Story of an ancient chromosome: Evolutionists say this South Carolinian's unusual DNA shows human history is even older than previously claimed on the basis of the human fossil record.

Being “Berean” with The Bible: History Channel reports 27 million tuned in . . . so what next?

“Gay” animals, again: Wildlife documentaries are too family friendly, complains UK academic.

After Eden

After Eden

Answers ... with Ken Ham radio program

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Video On Demand

Video On Demand
Does Radiometric Dating Prove the Earth Is Old?
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