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Answers Weekly Archive


September 27 Is coffee Gods gift or evolution at work?
September 20 Can the Bible help current racial tensions?
September 13 Is the Bible a science textbook?
September 6 Why are lives shorter after the Flood?
August 30 What’s the real foundation of science?
August 23 What’s wrong with the big bang?
August 16 Is all evolution untrue?
August 9 Is Genesis a myth?
August 2 Did Jesus die for aliens, too?
July 26 How did Noahs world produce so much coal?
July 19 What does it mean to be human?
July 12 Are wisdom teeth useless?
July 5 Is lactose intolerance a result of the Fall?
June 28 Does pre-Fall death skew one’s view of Christ’s return?
June 21 Why do secularists even care about what we have to say?
June 14 Does religion cripple science innovation?
June 7 Are microbes simple or complex?
May 31 How difficult is it to make a protein?
May 24 Why do we insist on a young earth?
May 17 Can genetic engineers reenact ancient evolution in the laboratory?
May 10 Can a mother have a "positive abortion"?
May 3 Why was Eve created for Adam?
April 26 How do we know anything is true?
April 19 Has the Nye/Ham debate changed anything?
April 12 Can God make a rock too big for Him to lift?
April 5 Is Noah biblically accurate?
March 29 What about the Noah movie?
March 22 Do mutations provide the raw material for evolution?
March 15 Is God’s Word against scientific literacy?
March 8 Do plate tectonics confirm the Bible?
March 1 How did T. rex walk?
February 22 How could Noah build the Ark?
February 15 Does the creation model make predictions?
February 8 Is there anything to debate?
February 1 Why is worldview important in science?
January 25 Why are atheists decrying the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham?
January 18 Why do we find such diversity of flowers in the fossil record?
January 11 What can we learn from a fossil graveyard?
January 4 Do fossils show signs of rapid burial?


December 28 What if my pastor avoids Genesis?
December 21 Why should we celebrate Christmas?
December 14 How did Bible authors regard Genesis 1-11?
December 7 Does Comet ISON’s demise suggest a young universe?
November 30 Is man the cause of global warming?
November 23 Is evolutionism a word?
November 16 Does the gospel depend on a young earth?
November 9 Are those fossilized skulls human?
November 2 What can earth’s iron core tell us about the past?
October 26 Does belief in God violate operational science?
October 19 How Could Noah Fit the Animals on the Ark and Care for Them?
October 12 How could footprints become fossilized?
October 5 Is public school an option?
September 28 Is antibiotic resistance an example of evolution?
September 21 Should public schools critically teach evolution and creation?
September 14 Do abortionists pray for the right to murder?
September 7 What did Noah’s Ark look like?
August 31 Is God the Father always angry?
August 24 Where was the Garden of Eden located?
August 17 If Jesus is God, why was it a secret?
August 10 What is a Christian?
August 3 Why is research important?
July 27 What makes bones so strong?
July 20 Why do bees use the right antenna of fellowship?
July 13 Were dinosaurs dragons?
July 6 When did you choose to be straight?
June 29Who can define marriage?
June 22 Why do you remember things?
June 15 What’s in the wild kingdom’s medicine cabinet?
June 8 Did the Ark have a sail?
June 1 Are cloned human embryos less than human?
May 25 How is a carnivorous plant evidence against evolution?
May 18 Can you do science without God?
May 11 Do students need to believe evolution to succeed in life?
May 4 Do you have a right to direct your child’s education?
April 27 Does the Bible tell Christians to judge not?
April 20 What is cosmology?
April 13 Can we see the surfaces of stars?
April 6 Do you know if you’re deceived?
March 30 Did Jesus fake His own death?
March 23 Does placental death violate “no death before sin”?
March 16 How has radical feminism harmed the church?
March 9 Did Judas die on the Cross?
March 2 Is same-sex marriage a “civil rights” issue?
February 23 Do we have proof that Jesus rose from the dead?
February 16 Are you committing a form of “child abuse”?
February 9 Is your appendix useless?
February 2 Are you lying to your children?
January 26 When does life begin?
January 19 What are the devastating results of Roe v. Wade?
January 12 Should Christians take care of the earth?
January 5 How can we rescue our kids?


December 29 Why should we celebrate fulfilled prophecy?
December 22 Did it rain before the Flood?
December 15 What triggered the Genesis Flood?
December 8 Why isn’t the ocean saltier?
December 1 Who said this quote?
November 24 How does carbon-14 confirm a young earth?
November 17 What is the lie?
November 10 Are old-earth creationists compromisers?
November 3 How does the sun’s temperature confirm Scripture?
October 27 How can we know Jesus existed?
October 20 What do bent rock layers show about earth’s age?
October 13 How could plants survive a global Flood?
October 6 How can we prove the earth is young?
September 29 What’s the difference between humans and animals?
September 22 Was Jesus married?
September 15 Why do tragedies affect “innocent” people?
September 8 Has an old earth been “common knowledge” for a century?
September 1 Is male headship a result of the curse?
August 25 What’s in an emerald, and why?
August 18 Why did God save dinosaurs on the Ark just to die out later?
August 11 Does the Hebrew word tannin refer to a dragon?
August 4 Was Lot righteous or not?
July 28 What do the Olympics have to do with God’s Word?
July 21 How should Christians respond to the Colorado shooting tragedy?
July 14 What does skin do for you?
July 7 Does Genesis establish gender roles?
June 30 Is the Starchild skull an alien-human hybrid?
June 23 What’s wrong with an old-earth God?
June 16 How do frozen wetas “come back to life”?
June 9 How did animals migrate to all continents after the Flood?
June 2 What is origins science?
May 26 Is it good to stay unmarried?
May 19 Why is inerrancy so important?
May 12 Does God prohibit space travel?
May 5 Why do we believe dinosaurs lived with people?
April 28 Was Jesus a zombie?
April 21 Is evolution a theory?
April 14 Did God create all plants on Day Three?
April 7 What does April Fools’ Day mean for Christians?
March 31 Did Abraham have just one son?
March 24 How can we harmonize the Gospel accounts of Christ’s Resurrection?
March 17 Who were cavemen?
March 10 Did Adam name all the animals in one day?
March 3 What is the future of Answers in Genesis?
February 25 Why are young people walking away from our churches?
February 18 Do rabbits really “chew the cud”?
February 11 Can we do all things through Christ?
February 4 Was Jesus wrong?
January 28 Can people live more than 120 years?
January 21 Was Augustine an old-earth creationist?
January 14 Who is the Angel of the LORD?
January 7 Is God in your equation?


December 31 Does science show us what happened in the past?
December 24 What’s so scary about a Portuguese man-of-war?
December 17 From one flesh or two?
December 10 How did the kingfisher bird help Japanese train engineers?
December 3 Should Christians support stem cell research?
November 26 Is evolutionary theory compatible with the days of creation?
November 19 When should we speak up about origins?
November 12 Wood from Noah’s Ark?
November 5 Did Abram really lie?
October 29 Did God create disease-causing microbes?
October 22 Can we know when Jesus will return?
October 15 When was the temple veil torn in two?
October 8 Is the Holy Spirit a person?
October 1 What good is your spleen?
September 24 Why build an Ark?
September 17 So what exactly is sediba?
September 10 Does Christ have preeminence in your life?
September 3 Is America under divine judgment?
August 27 Why did God design venomous snakes?
August 20 How should Christians interpret missing links?
August 13 Is the earth set on pillars or hanging on nothing?
August 6 Should Christians pray in public?
July 30 Can angels and demons have emotions?
July 23 Is the Trinity three different gods?
July 16 Were you there?
July 9 Is Scripture infallible?
July 2 Did Moses write Genesis?
June 25 Was Genesis written as poetry?
June 18 What does the Bible say about unicorns?
June 11 Did miracles really happen?
June 4 Did Mary remain a virgin after Jesus was born?
May 28 Does the Bible condone polygamy?
May 21 Were the plagues on Pharaoh because of Abram and Sarai unfair?
May 14 How were people saved before Jesus came in the flesh?
May 7 How can I teach my kids the truth about dinosaurs?
April 30 What’s the truth about “races”?
April 23 How can we defend the Christian faith in today’s world?
April 16 Is the date of Easter of pagan origin?
April 9 Did the Resurrection really happen?
April 2 Is Genesis 1–11 a derivation from ancient myths?
March 26 Wasn’t the Ark built by just eight people?
March 19 What can we learn from radiometric dating?
March 12 Is the Old Testament reliable?
March 5 Does Ken Ham commit logical fallacies?
February 26 How should we interpret the Bible?
February 19 What is the message of the solitary lovebird?
February 12 How do plate tectonics fit with a young earth?
February 5 Was David a little boy when he fought Goliath?
January 29 Should Christians never offend anyone?
January 22 Isn’t Noah’s Ark a box shape?
January 15 How old is the solar system?
January 8 What do we really know about radiometric dating?
January 1 Merry Xmas?


December 25 Was Jesus really born of a virgin?
December 18 What are magi, anyway?
December 11 Will taxpayer money fund the Ark Encounter project?
December 4 Was Jesus born in a stable?
November 27 Can you speak DNA?
November 20 Why is the age of the earth such a big deal to secularists?
November 13 If nobody knows you exist, are you still human?
November 6 Were things falling apart before the Fall?
October 30 Why did God create apes with human features?
October 23 Was there rain before the Flood?
October 16 Man’s wisdom or God’s wisdom?
October 9 Is God selfish and vindictive?
October 2 Does slavery still exist?
September 25 Are dino footprints evidence of evolution?
September 18 Will the world end in 2012?
September 11 Was a dead plesiosaur found near New Zealand?
September 4 Do Genesis 1 and 2 contradict each other?
August 28 When does human life begin?
August 21 Are we really “black” or “white”?
August 14 Do women have more ribs than men?
August 7 Is there archaeological evidence of giants?
July 31 Who is Satan?
July 24 What’s between the layers?
July 17 Is Jesus in Genesis?
July 10 What is biblical government?
July 3 Is evolution a religion?
June 26 Are we causing global warming?
June 19 Why is Babel significant?
June 12 Were angels created in the image of God?
June 5 Why 66?
May 29 Did Methuselah really live 969 years?
May 22 How should a Christian respond to “gay marriage”?
May 15 Can creationists be “real” scientists?
May 8 Is sci-fi safe for Christians?
May 1 What’s wrong with progressive creation?
April 24 Is there intelligent life in outer space?
April 17 Does the big bang fit with the Bible?
April 10 Are there gaps in the Genesis genealogies?
April 3 How old is the earth?
March 27 Did mercury poisoning create a toxic Flood?
March 20 What’s the best “proof” of Creation?
March 13 What happened to America?
March 6 Did Atlantis exist?
February 27 Are you just a “monkey’s uncle”?
February 20 Why are we punished for Adams’s sin?
February 13 Can we “stand on the promises” logically?
February 6 Are your morals against the law?
January 30 Are you sleeping through the sermon?
January 23 What’s wrong with death and suffering?
January 16 Why are they leaving?
January 9 Egyptian history and the Bible—are they compatible?
January 2 Is it time for a new reformation?


December 26 What was the top creation/evolution news of 2009?
December 19 Wintertime worship: Santa Claus or Jesus Christ?
December 12 Can other religious writings be from God?
December 5 Was the Bible simply written by men?
November 28 Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving in November?
November 21 How can I protect my children from evolutionary indoctrination?
November 14 Why do mutations pose a problem for evolutionists?
November 7 How do recent Egyptian archaeological discoveries relate to Biblical history?
October 31 What should Christians think about the paranormal?
October 24 Where do we draw the line?
October 17 Can an anti-creationist reveal the truth of Scripture?
October 10 Has irreducible complexity been disproved?
October 3 How does a biblical creationist deal with plant carnivory?
September 26 Did earth once have a vapor canopy?
September 19 How do dogs get their coats?
September 12 Can you have faith and be rational?
September 5 To what extremes will the human body go?
August 29 Can you separate the illogic from the logic?
August 22 What are your children learning?
August 15 How can a Christian survive secular college?
August 8 Is the Bible incomplete?
August 1 Are you logical?
July 25 Since when does England have a “grand” canyon?
July 18 Are the skeptics truly skeptical?
July 11 Did Noah need oxygen on the Ark?
July 4 Did “superbugs” evolve?
June 27 Why is the church dying?
June 20 Is there an “ultimate proof of creation”?
June 13 What Is the Best Evidence That God Created?
June 6 What happened at the Fall?
May 30 Are evolutionists attempting mind control?
May 23 Ida: the Missing Link at Last?
May 16 How old does the earth look?
May 9 Does geology support a global Flood?
May 2 Should we be concerned about swine flu?
April 25 What is the goal of apologetics?
April 18 Why did Jesus say the Father was greater?
April 11 Who is the real Jesus?
April 4 Did Darwin recant?
March 28 Should we beware of philosophy?
March 21 How have changing definitions confused the church?
March 14 Should we fund embryonic stem cell research?
March 7 Where are all the bunny fossils?
February 28 Is evolutionary indoctrination a “slam dunk for science and the Constitution”?
February 21 Why does science need God?
February 14 Can an intellectual be a Christian?
February 7 What went on in Darwin’s brain?
January 31 Which Charles are we celebrating?
January 24 Is the Big Bang the best theory?
January 17 Did Jesus contradict Himself?
January 10 Why Did God Make Viruses?
January 3 What’s ahead for Answers Research Journal


December 27 What news mattered in 2008?
December 20 Was Christmas once a pagan holiday?
December 13 How can you double your impact?
December 6 Was the Creation Museum expelled?
November 29 Was Darwin a God-hater?
November 22 Who is this Darwin guy, anyway?
November 15 Are you drowning in questions?
November 8 Did Ken Ham walk with dinosaurs?
November 1 Is Creationism the Biggest Threat?
October 25 For Whom Should We Vote?
October 18 What Was the Post-Flood World Like?
October 11 Did Abel Break God’s Law?
October 4 Are There Contradictions in the Bible?
September 27 Does the Evidence Matter?
September 20 Can a Christian survive college?
September 13 A Miniature Big Bang or More Hot Air?
September 6 Changing our mind?
August 30 Thirty miles of dirt in a day?
August 23 Why was Lucy buried first?
August 16 What brought a radical Muslim to Christ?
August 9 Has Noah’s Ark been found?
August 2 Did Darwin degrade women?
July 26 Why would an evolutionist become a doctor?
July 19 Displaying the deceased?
July 12 Who were the Nephilim?
July 5 Is God unique?
June 28 Are there unicorns in the Bible?
June 21 Were cavemen really primitive?
June 14 Could people have lived for over 900 years?
June 7 Is there evidence for the creation model?
May 31 Are there vestigial organs?
May 24 Can God fulfill His promises?
May 17 How do you spot a fake?
May 10 Do rock layers show evidence of the Flood?
May 3 Can gene duplication give rise to new genetic information?
April 26 Are peppered moths proof of evolution?
April 19 Where did morality come from?
April 12 Will humans destroy the earth?
April 5 How do evolutionists interpret Proverbs 22:6?
March 29 Why start at the beginning?
March 22 What Did the Tower of Babel Look Like?
March 15 What happened at the Fall?
March 8 What evidence is there for a worldwide Flood?
March 1 Does God even care?
February 23 Evolution and school violence—a sad connection?
February 16 Is science impossible without evolution?
February 9 Do Creationists Reject Science?
February 2 Is antibiotic resistance proof of evolution?
January 26 Was Noah’s Ark Big Enough?
January 19 Is evolution science?
January 12 Are creationists anti-science?
January 5 Why do many Christains accept evolution?


December 29 Why won’t they listen?
December 22 Why did Christ come to earth?
December 15 Are some religious leaders missionaries for evolution?
December 8 Do six ordinary days limit God?
December 1 Is there a simple solution to racism?
November 24 Is creation falling apart?
November 17 Interracial Marriage—Is It Biblical?
November 10 What Did Jesus Say about Suffering?
November 3 Has the missing link been found?

The Former Answers Update Archive

October 27 Why does God let violence happen?
October 20 What are “biblical glasses”?
October 13 Uluru—a testimony to Noah’s Flood?
October 6 How can death be a “battle” about history?
September 29 Did Noah’s Flood cover the whole earth?
September 22 Did Jesus allow for a gap?
September 15 What is sin?
September 8 What’s wrong with millions of years?
September 1 Do plants die—and why does it matter?
August 25 Did God use the big bang to bring the universe into existence?
August 18 Do creationists and evolutionists have the same science?
August 11 Don’t evolutionists have different “evidence” than creationists have?
August 4 Why do some people say that there is a gap between the first two verses of Genesis 1?
July 28 Did Adam have a belly button?
July 21 Can speciation occur quickly?
July 14 Should Christians divide over different interpretations of Genesis?
July 7 Did Adam have to learn a language?
June 30 What is Mkele Memembe?
June 23 Were dragons just mythical creatures?
June 16 What did the early church fathers believe about the days of creation in Genesis?
June 9 Does the Bible tell us in Romans chapter 8 that the whole of creation groans because of sin?
June 2 What does entropy have to do with the Bible and refuting compromise regarding the Bible?
May 26 Did ancient man have advanced technology?
May 19 Did ancient man have technology?
May 12 Intelligent designan intelligent solution?
May 5 Did God create animals to eat other animals?
April 28 What are some of evolutionists’ tactics to indoctrinate our children?
April 21 Do hundreds of churches in America really celebrate “Evolution Sunday”
April 14 Do evolutionists say it’s okay to mix church and state?
April 7 Are evolutionist’s theories changing?
March 31 Are Mammoth genes making a comeback?
March 24 How are mutations evolution’s enemy?
March 17 How does molecules-to-man evolution have an information problem?
March 10 Do flying insects defy the laws of science?
March 3 What bird has a beak that grows continually?
February 24 A fossil clock—what does it mean?
February 17 Aren’t the days of Genesis 1 just an issue of language?
February 10 When someone rejects Genesis, will they then reject the whole Bible?
February 3 Is secular humanism a religion?
January 27 Does the Bible tell us that Adam named all of the land animals in just one day?
January 20 What does vegetarianism have to do with the fossil record?
January 13 Please pray for the Creation Museum
January 6 Were dragons just mythological?


December 30 Since some monkeys make a lot of noise and can even use simple sign language, is it possible they might ever learn to speak?
December 23 What does death have to do with history?
December 16 Some people try to discredit Genesis by saying snakes don’t eat dust, as Genesis 3:14 claims. So is the Bible in error?
December 9 What do fossils have to do with giving birth?
December 2 How has the Bible been disconnected?
November 25 What does SpongeBob SquarePants, the popular cartoon character, have to do with glass?
November 18 Some Australian scientists reported theyd found an Aboriginal site to be 176,000 years old. Dont solid dates like this disprove the Bible?
November 11 How has evolution become part of entertainment?
November 4 Is recognizing design “enough”?
October 28 Is an Ivy League school really spending millions of dollars to prove there’s no God?
October 21 Do creationists believe flying dragons were mythical?
October 14 What do creationists mean when they say dinosaurs were re-discovered?
October 7 Can public schools remain religiously neutral by “deleting” Jesus?
September 30 What do millipedes and cyanide have to do with evolution?
September 23 Are humans just animals?
September 16 Doesn't granite take millions of years to form?
September 9 Was Jonah in the belly of the “great fish” for three days or for three thousand years?
September 2 Did the Apostle Peter warn about evolution?
August 26: Is there anything worth watching this weekend on TV?
August 19: Why would Darwinists be upset with a secular museum?
August 12: How could the human race descend from a metaphor?
August 5: How could Neandertal Man be too advanced for evolution?
July 29: How does the latest news fit in with a biblical worldview?
July 22: Why are the migration habits of salmon so amazing?
July 15: What evidence for evolution do the world’s leading science museums display?
July 8: Were dinosaurs on the Ark?
July 1: Why don’t many pastors speak with authority?
June 24: Is the topic of origins important when witnessing to non-Christians?
June 17: Who’s to blame for the loss of Christian morality in our nation?
June 10: Is evolution religious in nature?
June 3: Are cavemen really the primitive brutes we often see pictured in evolutionary books?
May 27: Why would evolutionists be interested in Eve?
May 20: Answers in Genesis to participate in 2006 Combined Federal Campaign
May 13: Are children able to understand the creation message?
May 6: Since fish weren’t taken aboard the Ark, how did they survive the catastrophic events of Noah’s Flood?
April 29: Do creationists believe in an ice age?
April 22: AiG teaches that we must take Genesis as written, but should we take the whole Bible literally?
April 15: Why did the question of Cain’s wife come up at the famous Scopes trial?
April 8: Why do monkeys look similar to us?
April 1: Why are ostrich eggs a problem for evolutionists?
March 25: Are fossils millions of years old?
March 18: Why do so many people believe creationism is “unscientific” and only for “the uneducated”?
March 11: What is “incomplete” metamorphosis and how does it relate to evolution?
March 4: Neptune’s origin can’t be explained by evolution, but is it “proof” of creation?
February 25: How have new discoveries about the human embryo forced pro-choice advocates to rethink their arguments?
February 18: How often is the book of Genesis quoted in the rest of the Bible?
February 11: Is there any evidence that fossils have formed quickly?
February 4: Why is humanism taking over society?
January 28: How is the tree frog evidence for creation?
January 21: Do church leaders have the solution to school violence?
January 14: Why is school violence a matter of ownership?
January 7: Are humans just another kind of animal?


December 31: Thank you for your support
December 24: The Author of Salvation took on flesh …
December 17: One supposed proof of evolution is that bacteria seem to be able to develop a resistance to antibiotics. Is this really evolution in action?
December 10: Is the comparison of DNA to CD-ROMs, and their ability to store incredible amounts of information, a valid comparison?
December 3: Some Christians say that the big bang theory of the origin of the universe is such an obvious fact that we should accept it in the same way we do the words in the Bible. What is AiG’s response?
November 26: Why did a well-known Christian broadcaster say that a six-day creation doesn’t pass the “smell test”?
November 19: How can Noah’s Ark be our “inheritance”?
November 12: With such a big push to keep religion out of government schools, why is AiG saying it’s already there?
November 5: Does the Bible have anything at all to say about interracial marriage?
October 29: Why did the late Carl Sagan, a very well-known anti-Christian and anti-creationist, see the world as cruel and why didn’t he understand the Christian God of love?
October 22: Are there Christians who think the Bible is just a collection of stories?
October 15: The word “day”—why is only Genesis the problem?
October 8: Why do cultures throughout the world have legends that sound like they came from the book of Genesis?
October 1: Were there thorns in the world before Adam’s Fall?
September 24: When we look at how anti-Christian society is becoming, surely those Christians who say we need revival are right, aren’t they?
September 17: Some Christian leaders claim that creation is just a secondary doctrine and that it’s not that important to the Christian message. What is AiG’s response?
September 10: Special announcement about AiG’s relief effort
September 3: We know the horror of how Hitler killed millions of people—particularly Jews—but what was his justification for doing it?
August 27: Why would most Christian leaders lose in a debate against Bishop Spong, the most senior Episcopal bishop in America and an ardent evolutionist?
August 20: What “little book” has impacted millions of lives?
August 13: Why do some people think the Apostle Paul, who is considered the greatest missionary of all time, was unsuccessful at evangelism?
August 6: How are people in our society similar to the 1st century Greeks?
July 30: If all the people in the world are descendants of just two parents, then why do billions of people today look so different from each other?
July 23: Were Australian Aborigines actually slaughtered and collected as specimens for evolution research?
July 16: Experience the Mega Conference—even if you can’t go to Lynchburg!
July 9: How many different human skin colors are there?
July 2: What’s wrong with the word “races”?
June 25: Why is it difficult to try to reach the Japanese people with the gospel?
June 18: Sickness is a terrible thing, so why would Ken Ham say it’s “normal”?
June 11: Bishop Spong has been the most senior Episcopal Bishop in America. What does he believe about evolution?
June 4: What do shock absorbers and bighorn sheep have in common?
May 28: How can man have a knowledge of God, even if he is not taught about Him?
May 21: Surely scientists want to search for truth; they are supposed to be unbiased … aren’t they?
May 14: Evolutionists say that when they look at nature, they see evolution. When Christians look at nature, what should they see?
May 7: Is the Earth a special creation of God or just a “hunk of rock”?
April 30: Can giant sea bass change gender?
April 23: Did cavemen really exist? And if they did, how do you explain them in light of the Bible?
April 16: Why do scientists believe there could have been global flooding on Mars, yet deny the possibility of it happening here on Earth?
April 9: When evolutionists admit that there are problems with the theory of evolution, why are they unwilling to even consider creation as a possibility?
April 2: What do bathtubs have to do with the age of the universe?
March 26: How do computers show that evolution has an “information” problem?
March 19: Fossil turtles … once extinct, now living?
March 12: Do rabbits chew their cud?
March 5: Is it true that monarch butterflies and the milkweed plant depend upon each other?
February 26: Is there any evidence that suicide is a result of evolutionary thinking?
February 19: What zoo displayed humans as a part of its exhibits?
February 12: What book raises major problems for evolution?
February 5: In Genesis 1:28, God talks about man subduing the earth and having dominion over it. What exactly does that mean?
January 29: Do humanists think that the church isn’t a threat to their beliefs?
January 22: How are “dinosaurs” mentioned in the Bible if we’ve never seen that word in Scripture?
January 15: Since we now have the New Testament, why do we even bother with the Book of Genesis?
January 8: What is meant by “impossible people”?
January 1: How can the average Christian know how to debate with knowledgeable evolutionists?


December 25: Do some people really believe we’re nothing more than atoms and molecules?
December 18: When a giraffe lowers its head toward the ground, wouldn’t you expect the blood pressure to increase so much that its brain would explode?
December 11: How can extinct fossil creatures still be living?
December 4: Why would old fossils be a problem for evolutionists?
November 27: How could Neandertal man be too advanced for evolution?
November 20: In one of the modern Bible versions, it states in Genesis 1 that God created the wild animals. Is this a correct translation?
November 13: With so many churches around today, why do we hear of a so-called “evangelical crisis?”
November 6: Why don’t many of today’s pastors speak with authority?
October 30: Were humans originally created to be vegetarian?
October 23: How do salmon give evidence of a Creator?
October 16: In England there was an appeal to restore Charles Darwin’s house. How is this ironic?
October 9: Are AiG seminars effective for non-believers?
October 2: Where is Darwin’s grave and why is it significant?
September 25: Is it possible that a practicing scientist can also be a creationist?
September 18: Evolutionists claim that they have taught ‘language’ to a chimp. Can they really be taught to communicate, though, as we do?
September 11: How could we ever know whether or not Eve had red hair?
September 4: Why do so many people believe there’s extraterrestrial life? Whats their motive?
August 28: Most theologians don’t take the book of Genesis as literal history. Why?
August 21: If mountain climbers need oxygen tanks to climb Mt. Everest, how was Noah able to breathe if his Ark floated above the highest mountains?
August 14: Is the Bible clear about homosexual behavior?
August 7: Is evolution really sun worship?
July 31: What do the dotted lines mean in the ‘evolutionary tree’?
July 24: In what way does Earth’s atmosphere help our radio broadcasts?
July 17: Was there really an ice age?
July 10: Why are kangaroos found only in Australia?
July 3: What would prompt two 16-year-old twin sisters in Ohio, USA, to spend most of their waking hours for more than two months making quilt blankets to donate to Answers in Genesis–US and its museum project?
June 26: Do Ph.D. scientists still agree on a slow and gradual formation of the Grand Canyon?
June 19: Where did God come from?
June 12: Was the TV movie Inherit the Wind an accurate portrayal of the Scopes Trial?
June 5: What’s the significance of the famous White Cliffs of Dover in England to the debate over creation and evolution?
May 29: What does an ancient formula for toothpaste have to do with the question of evil in this world?
May 22: What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘after its kind’ in Genesis?
May 15: I heard that a family sewed 115 ‘ragtime’ baby quilts for the Creation Museum. What’s that all about?
May 7: Why are more and more people accepting homosexual behavior as an alternative lifestyle?
April 30: What would the first man say about our brain power if he were here today?
April 23: Should we teach evolution to our children?
April 16: If evolution is ‘survival of the fittest,’ why would evolutionists even bother to care for others?
April 9: If evolution is supposedly a ‘scientific’ view of origins, why is it linked to some of the moral issues of our day?
April 2: Life in a test tube—would this prove evolution?
March 26: Recently, news articles have said that acts like adultery and stealing can be blamed on our evolution. What are these incredible things some evolutionists are saying about human behavior?
March 19: If public schools don’t have worship services—why does AiG sometimes call them churches?